Rebounding blood sugars

my son is 13 and we have had issues with his blood sugars lately at lunch he was 36 he was swimming i treated then bolused for lunch at snack 10 minutes ago he was 390 soooo frustrating must have been the rebound he uses the omni pod and his canula seems fine no ketones, just another day in the life of diabetes, back in the pool to bring him down. just wanted to see if others have this rebounding problem thanks amy

Yes, it definitely happens, but once you get a good understanding of what’s going on, it makes sense. I tend to overcorrect - both lows and highs - often.

Let’s get the timeframe established… he was swimming and his BG went down to 36. You treated immediately, I would assume. With what, and how much?

After this, the discussion is a bit confusing. It’s best to wait awhile and test again. Did you/he do that, or bolus and have lunch right away?

I would suspect that you overtreated the low, so his BG was rising before lunch, and both his lunch and the low-treatment combined to give the 390. Either that, or his hands may have been dirty from a juicy snack which gave an artificially inflated number. I always re-test when I get something unexpected like that.

I don’t use the Omnipod, so I don’t know if it always needs to be in-range of the PDM in order to work (perhaps it’s not when in the pool), or how you know that the cannula “seems fine”. I think that, with any infusion set, being underwater for too long can cause the skin to soften and the cannua to move.

I don’t think going back in the pool to bring down a BG of 390 though. For me, when I try to exercise with a high BG, my muscles begin to tire very quickly and I run out of breath much more quickly as well. I’ve heard it’s medically not a good idea either, but don’t know exactly why.

I’ve rebounded during such situations, too. All I can say is, you can’t check your blood sugars too much. If you think it’s going down, it probably is. Swimming is an especially good exercise, I’m sure you know, to slam that blood sugar down quickly as it uses 400 calories per hour, I think. Eating or drinking something beforehand if you’re below 180 or so may not be a bad idea.) It is frustrating,though, which is why I say you can’t check your blood sugars too much. I know how you can feel awful when your blood sugar rises to 390, to say nothing of it hitting 36, and jumping like a yo-yo.

By the way, even if it goes to 390 (which seems a little high, even for a rebound) and your son feels OK, I’d jump back in the pool. Just be sure to test often and maybe, if the blood sugar hasn’t reacted too badly, it will come down, and your son won’t feel as bad.

I would say a good ole liver dump cause the rise. It is the bodies way of correcting itself when a low blood sugar occurs.

What (how much) did you use to treat the low? Overtreating lows is often the cause of later highs, but unless you REALLY overtreated that seems high for that.

Actually exercise is not recommended if you are over 300. I would advise drinking lots of water and doing corrections and I would change his set because you can’t always see a problem and that could account for the severe high.