Received My Tslim Pump Yesterday

I got my Tslim pump yesterday. I"m not wearing it yet as I go for training on Thursday. My sensor expired yesterday so I have an active sensor session going through my TSlim. I am very excited to use it. I got it through the switch program Tandem was very nice to allow me to switch even though that offer says it expired in 2019. I have wanted this pump ever since I had the dexcom g5. Hopefully Canada will get basaliqcontrol before the end of the year. That would be a nice Christmas present!

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I am confused, Dee. If you are not “wearing” your t.slim x2 yet until Thursday, how can you have an active g6 session going through it? Also, there is no basaliqcontrol. Those are two separate programs. Basal IQ preceded Control IQ. When one downloads Control IQ, it wipes out the Basal IQ, if it is still on your t.slim x2. The two programs do not co-exist on the same pump. I don’t know which program Tandem is sending into Canada at this time, but they quit sending out new pumps with Basal IQ in the U.S.

I am excited for you over the acquisition of the Tandem pump. I know it will make life easier for you as it did for me.

You can start a sensor session without having insulin in it. My sensor expired yesterday so if I didn’t start it on the pump I would have had 7 days without an active session on the tslim. I intend on wearing it with insulin after the DEA looks at my settings to make sure everything is correct.I am in Canadan so the basaliq control update isn’t here, yet. I heard it has been submitted to Health Canada. Hopefully by the end of the year I will have the opportunity to update it. Understand?

Doesn’t the pump alarm every 15 minutes once you wake it up out of it’s hibernation mode and don’t start delivering insulin? Or is it just sitting there quietly waiting?

Yeah, it’s just waiting for me. I have been trying to input my basal rates but it doesn’t seem to do .025. I can only do .25. My 630 total basal amount is 2.225. The tslim basal says it is 6.2u.

I called Tandem and they informed me that the tslim won’t do .025 or .075. I won’t be able to use this pump if it won’t do small increments like that. I a dissappointed that I won’t be able to use it but I have to do what I have to do.

Non-medical advice: If you use Control IQ your basal rate does not need to be as fine tuned as the pump will raise or lower your basal rate according to your glucose readings, etc.

Is that used in your normal basals or for temporary overrides?

That is my normal rate. 12a .o50, 5a .175, 9a .075, 3p.125, 9p .025. My total basal is 2.225u.


Before medtronic had low rates, I know some parents alternated .000 timeslots to get lower average rates for their kids.

For example, for your 12a to 5am you could do
12-1 0
1-2 .100
2-3 0
3-5 .125

I think omnipod also has similar basal limit.

You could test it out on your current medtronic to see how it works.

Yeah that is what my husband was trying to work something out for me. This is all new yo me. I don’t know how Iwould respond to 0 units for 2 hours and then .100 in the next.

Each 0 timeframe will still have “active” insulin from prior period, since insulin action is 3-5 hours based on insulin type. I don’t think you would notice difference. You could make half hour slots to shorten 0 timeslots.

Is it possible you still make some insulin? Thats a pretty low rate for adult, so even zero pump insulin may mean you still have some from your pancreas.

In addition, basal-iq would suspend anyway if bg is low.

FYI, you can in fact start a session on the mobile app, and connect your pump to the active session at a later date. Just add in the transmitter details on the pump and click “start sensor” and it will get readings the next time the transmitter updates, without having to go through warmup. You wouldn’t have had to wait for a new session to get data on your tslim.

For people with very low basal/bolus requirements, you could consider using a more dilute insulin (U50 for example). I know that’s sometimes used in pediatric settings. In your case, if you had a basal with U100 set a .050, you would use .100 with U50.

As far as I know it’s not sold commercially, but it’s very easy to prepare. Both Lilly and Novo provide diluents and vials FOC for this very purpose. It’s a mix and go arrangement. I know about this because of my experience experimenting with diluted Fiasp. Your Dr. or pharmacist might even prepare it for you. My endo offered but I elected to do it myself.

Yeah, it’s nice to see that there are ways around having as low as basal as I have. I am about 91lbs. and 5feet tall. Very small but I manage okay. Maybe that has something to do with my sensitivity.

Your total basal is 2.25? That is a very low dose.

Yes, I know. That’s what the professionals tell me.

Does your current pump deliver that low a basal dose?

No it doesn’t. I have to do a some hours in the evening with 0u. Like from 9p until 12a I usually get .025, and then .050 through the night. It is such a small dose that 0 u it’s for the 9p until 1100p might not even matter. It is only at that time frame and through the night that I am having to figure out. I am not sure I want to keep this pump yet. I really like the touchscreen, and that it doesn’t need batteries and it can be updated when basaliqcontrol comes out. I want it to work for me.