Recent Rx Changes at Pharmacy


Sara uses Lantus and Humalog. We usually get 2 bottles of Lantus per month. But just recently we went to the Walmart pharmacy...the one we've used for nearly 5 years now....and they wrap every thing up and staple it.closed. Well, after I got home with the bag of supplies and insulin, I opened it up and found only one bottle of Lantus. So I called to alert them to the missing vile. "oh no," said the pharmacy clerk, "you can only have 1 vile now. Our policy has changed." What? How can I not be notified at the point of sale that there has been a change? She said I couldn't bring it back and I couldn't have a second bottle and hung up on me! Wow...ouch.

I had to call back and ask for the person in charge. Indeed, there was a change in policy, but no one extended the courtesy of informing me. The doctors now have to explicitly state how much Lantus a person uses per day so that no extra insulin is given to a patient. If your Rx is calculates less that 2 viles but more than 3, you can have only 1 vile. You must make additional copayments to get the 2nd vile. So we calculated that the amount of Lantus one bottle held was only enough for 20 days.

I called my health plan and they agreed with me that we could have both viles. I called the doctor and was told that a new Rx for the larger amount would be on file so it wouldn't happen again. The health plan faxed a letter so I could go pick up the second bottle. I did and at no charge. I asked if I would have the same trouble again and was told, "no. It's taken care of now."

I went back again this week. Of course, there was only 1 vile of Lantus.

I changed pharmacies. And the new pharmacy gave me 3 months of supplies (for 3 copayments). I wanted them to know of the "new rule." And was told that it was all right. They would take care of it. The doctor's Rx states 2 viles. I think they understand the stress parents go through.

When I watch those disaster movies, I always wonder what we would do for insulin.


I have wondered the same regarding my medications! Good for you to leav e Walmart. A few years ago I went to pick up my allergy medication. One of the pharmacists quickly informed me that my prescription had expired, that I needed to call my doctor, and then walked away. That really ticked me off, and I learned right away that the Walmart Pharmacy did not have time for me. Eckerds is not much better.

I am now with a local pharmacy. If I call in a refill where the prescription has expired or is out of refills, they call my doctor and have my meds ready. They are all about customer service.


I used walmart, too. There are not many pharmacy choices around here. Then, the walgreens opened up in HH and I switched there. But, soon, there will be a walgreens in cove, too, so I won’t have to drive so far.