Record Keeping

My son is 10 and I'm not sure what kind of record keeping of his BG and meals works best. I'm trying different APPS on my iPhone. They keep track of BG numbers and insulin well but they are not very good for keeping track of his carb intake. Handwritten would be good but it uses so much paper.

What method do you use and find most beneficial to managing your or your child's diabetes well?

iPhone apps work but can still be tedious. If he's willing/able to try a pump, I can tell you it can help tremendously with record keeping. The pump has a lot of benefits, but for me, record keeping has been one of the biggest. It automatically records everything you do, and with the Minimed pump, it's really easy to upload the data to Carelink and then share it with your endo. I was a horrible logger before getting my pump. Now I have tons of data to work with!

I agree with MBP that a huge benefit of a pump is that it keeps track of just about everything, except maybe a food diary. I have tried a few different app kind of things. One that's interesting is, run by Holger. It produces a very useful graphical representatin of what you log for you, so you can see food, insulin, exercise, etc. all in one place.

I use "Diabetes App" on my iPhone.
Really like it a lot. It's $7 but well worth it to me.
You can even add your own food too it.
There also is a free trial version available.

although my son has been on the omnipod for 2 years, we typically only download his info at his endo apts, i still keep a paper log, call me old fashioned but nothing beats it for seeing trends, seeing what happened during my day at work ect. it can get pretty messy but surprisingly his new endo took the time to pour over my data as opposed the the pretty little omnipod print out and pie charts! of course someday we will have to find something fancy for my high tech boy, but then i think he will figure it out, for know i keep everyone honest ( i do all the logging so he doesnt feel forced, i just look back at his records on the omnipod programer and jot them down). good luck! amy

Hi Blondie,
I have had T1 D for 37 years and in those years have used multiple methods for tracking blood sugars etc. I got a smart phone recently and have tried a couple of apps one is called OnTrack and if you set it up and personalize it to your son then it is easy to use and is free of charge.
There is also a meter called an Insulinx from Abbott. If you go online to their website you may still be able to get it free of charge. It has a touch screen and allows you to track carbs and insulin and includes a data cord to plug it in to your computer. It uses Freestyle lite strips and while I don't love it for my own purposes it may work well for your son. And the software is pretty easy to use as well.
Good luck,

I think the app I have is called logfrog, it tracks BG, insulin, carbs and exercise. You can easily export to send to doctors too. I can't remember how much it cost.

You're right Iphone apps are tedious. We are actually in the process of getting him a pump. By "process" I mean we are jumping through the hoops with his Diabetic clinic. We had to go through a power point module, submitted a handwritten 3 day record, etc. Hopefully this spring we can get him on a pump. Now I'm even more happy about getting the pump.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I will check out.

Thank you I'll check that out.

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Sadly we have no iPhone App yet. As a result the Glucosurfer will only offer a simple website to enter all the relevant information. Yes, it can calculate the IOB and has a Bolus Wizard. Still, the Apps we offer for WP and Android are much more convenient than using the website alone...

Blondie, I as a very untechy person and Canadian ( wearing a pump) like to recommend the OneTouchVerioIQ meter ... ...looks like : no charge ??