Inspired through my *%$%# insurance company that wants 12 month of BC logs from me for getting the pump processed, I was wondering if really everyone here is doing a log?
I just did one before I went to see the new Endo but usually I don’t and even that one resembled a swiss cheese with so many “blanks”.

Hi Christine. We are still new at this but we are keeping a weekly log and a food diary. The log is faxed to my daughter’s endo each Monday morning. To date the logs have been very helpful in looking at patterns especially during times of intense physical activity. We also have realized that playing her French Horn has the same impact as playing tennis.


A log is a GREAT training tool. But, you gotta play the bureaucracy game. Sorry. You will be glad you did in the long run because I am sure you will learn something you did not know before. Its like the Big Blue Test event, its a learning opportunity.

There is a really nice and detailed training log at www.diabetesdailydiary.com

In addition to the detailed food/glucose monitoring form it also has a fitness diary. Each 8.5" x 5.5" spiral diary covers three months.

I am trying to help my brother learn to manage his Diabetes and he is so stubborn, I have to do it for him for now.

AND, there is no need to fill in ALL the blanks, just the ones your well being management program needs. After you learn what is best for you, maybe you won’t need a dialy diary at all.

Does your meter have memory? If so, you can download and print or hand log past numbers. But even fancy meters rarely go back more than 90 days.

Perhaps you will discover that you wrote numbers down on a calendar and simply need to transfer them to log sheets, hint, hint. :slight_smile: Or is the insurance company asking for logs that are part of your official medical records?

Typically, the people who OK pumps and CGMs want to see out of range numbers, which supposedly show indication that a pump/CGM may help you.

I don’t always log my numbers, but I do whenever I plan to make a change in dosing or timing. Somehow it really helps to see everything lined up and to circle the outlyers.

Best wishes as you jump through the paperwork hoops!

Thanks for your responses.
I just got off the phone with the claim specialist from Insulet and she said 2 month of log is fine. The last time I wrote a log I used a free program which turned out to be really nice and easy to maintain but I know it is nothing I would do over the long run because it is still very time consuming.
Guess since I already have a log till end of October I can get the other numbers from my meter and I through some nice high and lows in;)