Red bumps at injection site

Hi. I’m a type 1, on multiple daily injections since my diagnosis in 2008. I use my butt, thighs and upper arms for injections, being careful to rotate sites. More than a month ago, I developed 2 irritated red bumps on my upper thigh. They hurt/itched for a while, and then stopped – but they haven’t gone away. They’re still red and hard and feel sort of like scar tissue. I’ve been using the same insulin and same brand of needles, so I don’t think it’s an allergic reaction.

Has anybody experienced this? Thanks!

I had similar symptoms when I wiped the injection site with alcohol. Then I found out that wiping the injection site with alcohol is not necessary. I wish I would have known earlier. I never experienced irritated red bumps again.

You’re brave using your upper arms. I tried this & it hurt a lot.

Do you ever use your stomach area? Would give you more sites to rotate. Insulin is supposed to absorb best there.

When I get the red bumps, it’s usually when I give the shot in my leg. I do it in the inner part of my leg. Mine also hurt & itch like you described. Though I do have to add that when I do the shot in my arm, leg & stomach it burns there too. Not all the time, but a noticable amount.

Maybe it’s the type of insulin??? I use novolog & Levemir.

Britt :slight_smile:

The inner part of the thighs or arms have blood vessels, so stay away from them.
Find a nice fatty place on the outer aspect of the upper-upper arms, and nice fat spots 2-4 inches a little down and sideways from the umbilicus. Rotate in those places. I agree with Helmut that alcohol can help create more allergy than needed. I have seen a lot of red bumps there (on other diabetics) that might be due to alcohol, dry skin, rubbing, and maybe a drop of insulin with phenol in it on the skin. Just a thought.

Sounds like scar tissue has developed. I use an insulin pump and have through the years have some scar tissue that looks like what you described. But to be sure ask your doc on your next visit.

Just a side note: Hey Ann We were dx’ed the same time. Aug./08. Me i was 52 when dx’ed type 1. LOL


I was also diagnosed in August 08 – August 2nd, to be exact. I was 56.

My daughter is type 1 and had the same problem. She had no problems to begin with but developed an allergic reaction after awhile with NPH. We then switched to N and the reaction began slower. But, it all hurt to inject. We have now switched to Levemere and she has no problems at all. No pain and even her other medication Novo Rapid has become less painful.

Sometimes I have given injections while the needle was not pushed in all the way. This has caused the Insulin to pool and appear as a red bump just under the skin which hurt. I immediately press down on it for a few minutes and it eventually gets absorbed and disappears.

Since you’ve only been injecting for 2 years and rotating, I doubt that it is a scar tissue issue. You can give injections in your tummy and love handles(if you have them :slight_smile: ) also.

I was told that Allergies can occur at any time while using the same Insulin(or other drugs) or Insulin delivery system. I hope that you discover what it is and that it does disappear. I recall others asking about bumps also. I’m not sure if they got an answer to their question though. Maybe you can search this topic in the search area at the top for the related discussions. Your Dr. could probably advise you also.

Yes I’ve heard of theese bumps . Its scar tissue or sounds like scar tissue. Id ask my doctor next time I go just to make sure. I also have read that they can go away so hopefully they will go away. But be safe and check with your doctor.