Refreshing my skills

As a person with type one diabetes, I feel it is important to "recharge" and "fine tune" my care skills. It is a never-ending task and challenge.

I ordered a more recent copy of Gary Scheiner's book "THINK LIKE A PANCREAS" and read it in a couple of evenings. I am now rereading another favorite book of mine - PUMPING INSULIN by John Walsh and Ruth Roberts.

Last month, I made an appointment with a CDE and signed up for a program offered by my husband's employer called Good Health Gateway. There are certain criterion for the program - like having 2 A1Cs a year, having your cholesterol checked, urine protein check - and then committing to a care program. Most of the care program is basic good diabetes self care, like brushing and flossing your teeth once a day, checking your feet daily, continuing my exercise program.

Also am starting to look at pump options. My warranty is up in June on my One Touch Ping.

Got reacquainted with CGM. The Dexcom G4 is so much more reliable than the Seven was. Am hoping this helps me lower my A1C while having fewer lows.

I have reconnected to a support group in the area where I live.

While I am refreshing my skills, I am training for a half marathon in June.

Life is good and busy, but refreshing my diabetes skills will keep me healthy, positive, and happy.

I feel like we are in the same boat. I was diagnosed type 1 in 2007 and haven't taken any refresher courses and really let my sugars get out of control. I saw the THINK LIKE A PANCREAS book some where, maybe amazon, and thought it would be an interesting read. Did you find it very helpful? I wish you luck and great glucose levels on your journey!


thinking like a pancreas is a wonderful book
also fun to read

It is a great book and very fun to read! :)