Different Fingers = Different Readings?

Hi Everyone,

I know this may be a strange question and I should just blog it . But, does anyone get different BG readings from different fingers? For example I have tried using my thumbs for the past 3 days and all my readings have been higher then normal. I switched it up before dinner and used my pinky the reading was much lower. (I used the same hand too. ) Does anyone else do this?

Yes, different readings from different fingers on the same hand & from different hands. Aggravating & unacceptable how inaccurate our meters are to begin with. Have you ever tried doing the same finger five minutes later? I’ve gotten big variation there also.

I have learned to not really take the readings to seriously.
When I compared the readings to what my lab work shown it was a 12 point difference. My meter read 82 and my lab work results were 70.
When I poke my finger as long as it isn’t way above average, I am okay with it.

It is impossible to measure the blood glucose with meters without variability. Two tests within seconds from the same finger will differ in their result. This is caused by the measurement principle: a catalytic process is triggered by the blood glucose in the blood drop. The result of this process can be measured electrically. Reasons for little differences in this reaction:

a) random variations in the production process of the stripe
b) different fluid concentrations depending on the deepness of the prick
c) relation of haemoglobin to fluid in your blood: most manufacturers make an assumption about what concentration is normal. It is obvious that this relation changes for women in their period.
d) other random influences like air pressure or temperature

Because of these reasons ALL of todays meters will have their variations (even the lab machines). The good news is that all meters in the market must have a specified reliability. You will find this information in the description of your test stripes.

I know as for myself what happened to me with this a few times…I didn’t clean off my fingers with the swab right and had too much sugar, starch, whatever on one and got these different readings it also works with different bs machines too!!!

I’ve done this too. I tested more than once and ended up with two very different readings. The first one was 8.3 and I did the same finger again right after and it was 6.3. Since, it was first thing the morning I used the lower BG to put in my book.