RelionPrime Meter Cuts Out?

asking for a preggo friend: RelionPrime meter wont do anything after asking for blood and receiving blood. Anyone familiar with this meter? I use a onetouch so I have no idea.
We have so far ruled out blood amount, meter coding and test strip insertion error.

don’t they have tech support and replacements for defective meters?

It’s a brand new meter, is that what it is?? I have never had a defective meter before so I have no idea what constitutes one being defective.

if the manual won’t help sort it out, I’d say next step is to call tech support, eh? I can’t tell from here if it’s defective. LOL!

If this happened with the first test, try returning it for replacement. Or just buy another one, $9 at Wal-Mart.

Did it ever work right or she has never been able to get it to work?

I have worn out or broken so many bg meters over the decades. None last forever!

I myself have struggled when switching test trip brand/styles, but with Relion Prime you don’t put the blood “on top” of the test strip. You feed blood into the top end of the test strip. You would be surprised how non-obvious this was even to a veteran diabetic like me.