Reminder about emergency supplis

Sometimes it’s good to remind people of what they already know.

In many places, social systems are under severe strain, and may temporarily stop functioning. Medical supply systems may do the same. (See for a hint. You may need a free password.)

You might want to check your emergency supplies, in case pharmaceutical supply systems, etc., temporarily break under the strain.

For example, if hospital utilization rises 40%, the needle suppliers’ resources may become overstrained by supplying hospitals, and may have trouble filling orders from neighborhood pharmacies, especially if some of their employees can’t or don’t want to come to work.

Just a thought.

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On the News tonight, it was recommended to take vitamins D and C, pro biotics, and zinc to strengthen your immune system.

Be sure to only take the recommended daily dose of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a “fat-soluble” vitamin and it is possible to get Vitamin D toxicity. (Same is true with A, K, and E {and maybe a few Bs}) So either stick to the recommended daily dose or ask a doctor how much you should be getting a day. Most people will be reasonable but some out there will think more is better and may start taking too much.

This is in pill form, food is usually a whole different ball game. Food sources don’t generally come in super high absorbable or higly convertible sources.

Vitamin D - A lot of Americans are short on vitamin D. For some reason diabetics are prone to lower levels. It actually commonly comes in 1,000, 2,000 or 5,000 iu doses, (even 10,000) but there are many out there with only 400 iu.

Zinc- Too much zinc can suppress the immune system if you try to take a “too high” dose daily. So stay within the 30-150mg doses. Most actually recommend under 50 or 100mg daily as a separate pill, that way usually combined with a multiple you won’t go over the recommended dose.

Vitamin A- This is one you have to be the most careful with, it can help with the immune system, but pregnant or possibly to be pregnant women need to be really careful about the dose of this vitamin. And there very definitely is an upper limit for everyone. Beta carotene converts to vitamin A as needed, and you can take a higher dose of beta carotene, but a diabetic isn’t as good at converting it to vitamin A.

It’s really hard to get a toxic level of Natural Vitamin E, but I suppose you could. It is a blood thinner and at high doses if you have issues with it’s blood thinning properties would cause the most problem. I believe very high doses can result in diarrhea, headaches etc. There has been a recent problem connected with synthetic vitamin e and vaping products that have it. Synthetic vitamin e is the cheaper version that is commonly found in your regular store.

Most of the problems with Vitamin K are with it’s synthetic form too. You are the most likely to have an issue with this vitamin if you are on blood thinners because it helps with blood coagulation. Sold doses are usually pretty small.

Vitamin C is almost always in it’s water soluble form and people have taken huge doses of it, Linus Pauling who did a lot of the research on it took very high doses. The most prevalent problem you will have with higher doses is diarrhea. Diarrhea can occur from even low amounts in some people, but most don’t have an issue until over 2,000 mg.


Reminder: don’t hoard non-medical items like a years worth of TP.


@Dave44 I started thinking this through…Everybody buys extra TP and they are hurriedly making more to meet the demand. But then factories shut down to stop the spread of the disease or a worse case scenario they shut down or slow down because of a lack of employees because they are sick etc, even if it’s for a few weeks. So then less toilet paper being made than normal.

So it’s a good thing to buy lots now and ramp up production now, to make up for a shortage in production later. So buy lots of TP now. We don’t want to be without TP.

EDIT::: I’m making fun of what I consider a very serious situation. But I think we all need a smile off and on.

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@Marie20 I like your response about the supplements. At first I was wondering what TP meant and then I figured it out. When I get TP, I buy the large bundles as who wants to bother buying things often as that is way too much trouble. It is also cheaper when bought at super stores in the large packs. That is not hoarding, but being careful to get a good deal if you live in a place where you have a laundry room to store it.

Anyway I believe very highly in supplements and certainly have idolized the writings of Dr Linus Pauling for decades. I strongly recommend the high dose of vitamin C as it keeps my cholesterol profile more ideal that way. So, if I do go down to lower the level of vitamin C it for a while the results are seen in the cholesterol profile getting worse until I go back to my usual high dose routine. So for the last 30 years I have done those experiments. I explained it to CJ114 and he saw how my cholesterol results improved by about 25% just by going back to higher dose levels. I showed him that back around early part of the year.

I want to add here a title of a video anyone should watch if people want proof of how vitamin D has been used in a study to show how much it was used in a hospital study and the only people who died were in the control group who did not get any vitamin D, so I say especially see at the 10 minute mark in this very useful video.
This is the same of the video to find it on Youtube
New Study - Vitamin D High Dose and COVID-19

Dr Mobeen Syed is trained in India but practices in the USA for over 20 years and he is an excellent doctor who trains other medical professionals so he is very well respected. He is in the area now where the fires are so has been coughing due to the debris he is breathing in his says. He is nicknamed Dr Been which is short for his first name.
I have listened to many of his videos. Plus I also listen to Dr John Campbell in the UK who also has spoken of the same studies done.


I also watch the videos put out by Dr. Mobeen Syed and John Campbell, Phd. They both excel as teachers. They make complicated medical topics accessible to non-medically educated people like me.

John Campbell’s affable manner and “Dr. Been’s” use of hand-drawn whimsical figures enable those of us without any epidemiology or biochemistry academic background to absorb important content. I recommend both on YouTube.

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I had to re read this topic as I forgot that TP means Toilet Paper. I have never in my life called it that except the people in this group are calling it that.