Repeated Miscarriages a/o Blood Clots?

Please ask your health care team about APS.

“Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome (APS) is an illness that involve the immune system, and causes increased clotting of the blood. Normally antibodies, chemicals made by the immune system, are helpful in fighting germs or viral infections from outside the body. However in APS, the immune system makes antibodies that cause blood to clot abnormally. This may cause problems with the pregnancy.”

APS & Pregnancy

List of Autoimmune Disorders


Thank you for sharing this, Britt. I’m sorry you have had miscarriages. Hopefully you can use one of the safe blood thinners or aspirin to manage a pregnancy with APS. AI’s are bad enough, getting dx’d with rare ones is even worse! I happen to have a different type of clotting disorder and am a lifer on blood thinner. Mine was discovered after my kiddo was born. I hope you can find a way.

I suffered multiple miscarriages. I’m sorry you are also. It’s devastating. We eventually chose to adopt. I too have a clotting disorder, but mine is different…Factor V Leiden. Hugs.