Resevoir Size- Animas pump vs. Minimed pump

Hello all of you out there! I am again turning to you guys in hopes that you can help me make an informed decision. I have decided that I want to go with the Dexcom CGM and currently have a MM pump. My pump just got out of warranty and its time to choose an upgrade. My delemma is that I'm going to have 2 devices to carry anyway... I want to switch to the Animas pump in hopes that eventually they will contract with Dexcom so the two devices are integrated. The only problem is that the resevoir on that pump is smaller. I currently use the 300u resevoir with the MM pump and almost use up that much insulin in 3 days. I am just trying to decide if changing to a pump with a smaller resevoir is really going to be a big hassel or not. I could just stick with my MM pump but after doing some research I've decided their CGM was not for me and it seems silly to upgrade to a MM pump and still have 2 seperate devices just because I am not sold on the MM CGM. Any insight would be helpful and greatly appreciated!

I would think it would be a hassel. For me it would seem that way anyway since I like to change my site and reservoir at the same time. The pumps are pretty similar. However with the Animas there is a bit more button pushing to bolus. Their EZ carb gives a recommended bolus and you have to scroll up to the amount you want to bolus. I used to use the MN CGM and was doing well on it but tried the Dex after my CDE suggested to. I am using the Dex now and carrying the two devices without issue.

I was using way more insulin on the MM pump than on the Animas. No clue why that is, and I'm not saying the same will be true for you, because I realize it's weird...but it's true for me. I was using about 75u/day with MM. Went to Animas with no changes to food or activity and instantly was having lows and needed to decrease to about 60u/day. I thought maybe it had something to do with the delivery rate (much faster on Animas) but no one's ever been able to confirm or deny that for me. I now use even less, but that has to do with dietary change.

So again..........not saying it will happen to you, but just saying it did for me. And.....has this happened to anyone else??? Because now I feel weird :)

Why don't you just put about 200u in your pump for a few weeks..."You Decide"

I could get buy with a 200u pump but when I'm sick or traveling it's nice to have the extra insulin...personally I would stick with the MM7xx, if and when they come up with this all in one system I bet you they will offer a deal for MM users to jump ship and go with the "New Animas". JMHO

I'd do what John suggests - fill your reservoir up to only 200 units and see how much of a hassle that is. The problem is that I think most folks need a "margin" for when they are sick or have their insulin needs increase for some other reason. That's when you're going to find it's a hassle because you'll be filling up a lot more. That said, it's pretty easy to remove the reservoir, refill it, and reattach using the same infusion set. So, if you're ok with carrying around extra insulin, that might be the way to go.

Thanks for the suggestion! Sooo obvious but I just hadn't thought of it! Will try and see how it goes!


I wonder how an infusion set would change my insulin needs tho? I was using 9mm Quick-sets, now I use 9mm Insets.... same tubing length too.