Looking for a new pump, please advise!

I’m still on my Animas IR1000, which is old. No bolus wizard or anything… So I’m going to try to work with my crappy university insurance to get a new one this year. I’m thinking Omnipod because of the low up-front cost but I’m afraid of the size of the pod and the necessity of changing it every 3 days (I try to make my sets last 3-4). I’d like to be able to do a remote bolus while the pump is hidden in my bra or elsewhere - is MM the only pump to offer this?

Please tell me why you love or hate your pump!

My 3 yo son is on the omnipod and we love it! The pods are waterproof, the meter is built into the PDM (the controller), insertion is easy and relatively painless (opinions vary on this, but when I put one on my belly it felt like a finger prick to me.) The downsides are there is currently no ability to download to your PC, there are only 4 carb ratios programmable per 24 hour day (I would like to program 6 different IC ratios for different times of day), and you cannot program it to deliver no insulin as part of a basal program (probably not an issue for you).



I use the animis 1250 - but i dont necessarily think it is any better than a MM pump - they both do the job.

I would be worried about losing that PDA device, at least with tubing, you always know where your $5000 piece of equipment is. Changing every 3 days would eliminate that as an option for me. I get about 10 days out of my site - and replace the resevouir and tubing every 5-6—but i only take about 18 units a day.

Animas is waterproof. No remote functions that I am aware of, but i dont conceal my pump so that doesnt matter to me.

I figure the CGM technologies will only get better, insurance will evenutally pay - MM already has one ‘built in’ - dont know that animas has anything in the works. I currently use the Dexcom CGM and highly recommend. When i upgrade pumps, i will likely go with the MM - just to have the option of pump/CGM all in one.

The PDM is only ~$800 to replace and we already have a back up that we keep at home.

I’m glad to hear from someone using the Omnipod. I do have a few questions. First, do you need to be near the PDM all the time? Do you need to be near it so that your basal rates change at the right time? I’ve heard that the continuous glucose monitors beep when they’re not “in range” to the transmitter. Does Omnipod do anything like that? I mean, can i leave it at my desk at work and walk around the office without it?

Second, do you really need to replace the pod every 3 days?

Thanks so much!

The PDM only needs to be near the pod for making changes to your settings or giving boluses, otherwise you don’t have to be anywhere near it. Yes, you can leave it at your desk and it will not beep.

We actually change the pod every other day because of Griffin’s age. We sometimes stretch it to 2.5 days, but I don’t know what happens when you try to push the 3 day limit. I don’t think that it stops delivering insulin, but it will alarm when pod change is due.