Resources: 504 Plan & Healthcare Plan

Dear Parents/Caregivers-


The Back-to-School season only a few weeks away. Now is the time to send a letter to your child’s school formally requesting a meeting prior to the first day of school, the purpose of which is to establish a Diabetes Medical Management Plan and 504 Plan. See attached sample letter, which has been approved by DREDF (a leading legal advocacy non-profit). Given the budget cuts happening across the country, it is expected that schools may claim inability/unwillingness to provide needed support for diabetes care to students. Know your rights. And secure a 504 Plan and Diabetes Medical Management Plan for your child!

Of particular importance, if your child requires assistance or supervision with diabetes care, your child’s Diabetes Medical Management Plan should be EXPLICIT in stating care instructions such as timeframes and dosing for medication (including insulin for carb consumption and treatment of elevated glucose levels, and glucagon for treatment of low blood glucose levels), timeframe(s) to perform glucose checks and ketone checks, meals, etc.

To view additional resources and information, including an excellent sample Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP) and 504 Plan from which you can create one tailored to your child’s needs, go to:

Other Online Resources:

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Together, we can make all children with diabetes safe at school!