Restarted my sensor

My enlite sensor expired this morning so I carefully untaped it and charged my transmitter. It just got done recalibrating. Hopefully I can get more than six days out of it.

I used to do this, but I found DrBB’s way of just disconnecting it for a couple of minutes then reconnecting works fine. I regulary get 2 weeks out of a full charge. And, the way I tape it, I dont need to re-tape.

When I first put in my sensor I didn’t put the over tape on. I have some medical tape that is in the shape of scotch tape and I attached a piece going straight across. It was easy to remove and my husband helped remove the transmitter.

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Well, my sensor only lasted 1 day extra before it started getting inaccurate. I plugged in a dexcom sensor as I probably want to start using dexcom as my cgm.

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