Results of the rootbeer float!

First let me say I am sorry for making everyone want one . LOL then second thanks so much for all the very helpful comments. Someone was right the line was way too longgggg. So he was just wanting something good ,& didnt want to wait so we went & got a sundie from Mcdonalds gave him a shot like all of you said , & it worked out ok . He was a little high 1 1/2 hours after he ate . I checked at 2 am & he was fine . Thanks so much for all your comments , I am on here more then him , but it did show him one thing that everyone is here to help him (us) when we need help . So I think he will come more often or at least when he gets older ,Thanks again Tylers mom .

Oh, that is a shame. He could just as easily had a Sonic Root Beer float with diet root beer and bolused for that. Maybe next time… At least next time you will definitely be completely prepared, LOL.

surprise Tyler …
Do this …

and buy diet rootbeer
make him a rootbeer float! :slight_smile: it will be 4 g of carbs :slight_smile:

very good we will do ,thanks

Sonic doesn’t offer diet root beer… I wish they did :slight_smile:

omg i’m going to the grocery after work and buying this immediately :slight_smile:

But A&W does - and SONIC does have that great diet cherry lime soda - I get one every time I am in Provo since there is not a SONIC here.

yay. im gad that worked out for you guys. :smiley:

are you people crazy, let’s make rootbeer floats at HOME!!!, so much easier! And that icecream would be great with it.

I say have a family night that involves that icecream and some diet root beer.

We should totally have a tudiabetes rootbeer float party!!! I never realized how much i missed root beer floats…mmm

the party is at Cynthia’s house.!

Woo Partay! Does cynthia know or can we just show up? :smiley:

just show up!

baby #1 comes home today :slight_smile:

Yea!!! baby and RB floats!

BYO Root Beer then, LOL! Give them a can of diet root beer and tell them to use it. Not cool, with a group of teens, though. You can still bolus for the non-diet root beer. I’ll bet all that fat would slow down the spike. The rest of the evening might not be pretty but once in a while, okay to splurge.