Too Good to be True?

We occasionally have discussions here at TuD about the good and bad of various sodas. Last one I remember, I mentioned that I hadn’t drunk any in years, but keep diet seven up on hand in case of nausea (if ginger tea is not appealing) On a recent long road trip to the midwest I suddenly craved good old root beer and indulged in a couple diet A & Ws. But of course I don’t like the artificial sweetener they use!

Well, in June, visiting my kids in Santa Cruz, I found Virgil’s Zero Root Beer. Zero carbs and zero calories AND made with stevia! Other ingredients: GMO-free carmel color, natural flavors, citric acid, spices. It sure is a treat. I’m hoping there aren’t a lot of hidden “ickey poo poos” in it to jump out and bite me for my pleasure. Anyone else familiar with Virgil’s products?..

That sounds awesome! A rootbeer made with Stevia? I wish that was available here in Canada!

My favorite “low cal” drink is Sprecher “low-cal” root beer. Only 5 grams carbs. It is made in Milwaukee. Very good.
Make sure that bottle is well iced up.

Well , being a older guy…?
It’s been the usual Diet Coke/Pepsi for all my life
and ave 1 per day at that!

I make my Own Ice Tea by the Quart everyday with Splenda
and have a couple of Beers every few days on these Hot summer days

I think it’s wasting alot more $ doing much otherwise

and with Having T1? Worring about drinking Diet Drinks is the least of my worries…
They say we T1’s Die an ave of 10 yrs sooner?
Well I can tell you from personal Experience, they don’t tell you those last 3-5 yrs ain’t any much better either…

Just take enoug Insulin to ave 6% A1c’s or Less and Enjoy your life as best you can…
For the only thing that will make our Disease really any that much better? IS A CURE…
and then you might want to drink more , so called healthier stuff…

Never seen Virgil’s here. Sounds great! What a nice treat.

You’ve got me craving a frosty, creamy root beer! I looked up Virgil’s & they’re an award winning root beer producer. They sell it in kegs, too. What fun!

I like to have some root beer and bourbon although the Diet A&W is the most readily available @ the grocery store. This guy clued me into it in a bar and let me have a snort of his and it was a great mix! I had some binges on that during the Saints’ Super Bowl run a couple of years ago…

I hate root beer ! you can have mine :slight_smile:

One of my summer favs is a root beer float… diet root beer (Virgil’s sounds great!) mixed with whipped cream. Mmmmmmmmmm

OOOOOO!!! Wow, never thought of diet root beer and whipped cream!! Sounds so good! Adding to my grocery list. Thanks jrtpup!!

Oh yeah, those nice heavy icy mugs! Must be had with one of those old fashioned pastel bendy straws :slight_smile:

Virgil’s is great. They use real stuff in most all of their beverages. I have not seen Zero but will be looking now.

Currently I am buying Zevia. This was the first all Stevia sweetened soda. Their rootbeer is good (but not as good as Virgil’s) and they have about 10 other flavors too. Root beer, cola and Dr. Z are my favorites. They are a pretty good mixer as well.

My other favorite is ginger tea. I grind fresh ginger (about 1/2 lb.) and simmer for about 1 hr. Strain and chill (makes about 4 liters). This is usually quite strong so I mix it with water or soda to taste. One of the best is to mix it with Zevia Citrus for a very good ginger ale.

I can not use aspertain at all, never have been able to .So, stevia is about my only option. Splenda is hit and miss for me only if in small amounts from time to time. There is a product called “Sweet Perfection” which is a plant based sweetener. I have yet to see ANY rise in BG after using this, it tastes very good (zero after taste) and is high in fiber. I will be scoring some Virgils Zero and having my whipped cream (with SP) float as soon as I can!

We LOVE Virgil’s Zero Root Beer!!! It is hard to find though. The Whole Foods where we live doesn’t even carry it (but they carry the full sugar Virgil’s Root Beer go figure) and say they can’t put it on the shelf or order it for me because they don’t have a contract for that item… We drink the Zevia but I don’t think it is near as good.

I propose that Judith become a Virgil’s distributor so we can all get it. I’ll preorder two cases:)

I’ve been buying flavored liquid stevia and mixing it with ice and seltzer water. Favorite flavors are vanilla and root beer, I might have to try the whipped cream root beer float idea sounds good. Sure hits the spot, today’s high is supposed to hit 110 since it’s already 109 I believe it’s going to make it.

What brand? I bought Sweetleaf stevia root beer liquid. Didn’t care for the flavor.

OK, another tease… another great find. Does anyone remember the old fashioned seltzer that came in bottles with a little carbonator? I have a Soda Stream. You get recyclable canisters. It uses no electricity. Makes THE best plain seltzer - it’s good straight but you can add whatever you want.
Their diet flavorings are… er… not to my taste. You can make the bubbles as ‘hard’ as you want by carbonating more or less. Recyclable proprietary bottles. I figured out when my kids were here and buying carbonated water that it paid for itself after one large canister! Just like the good, real old fashioned kind :slight_smile:

Can do you one better:) When I was a kid, we had seltzer delivered. Came in very heavy blue or green class bottles. Made the best seltzer. Perfect bubbles.

Yes! So did we! Wish I had kept some of the bottles. This makes seltzer JUST like those did, a blast from the past. Must be a Bronx thing lol.

Aaah, the luxury of the seltzer man delivering. Must be a Bronx thing. We also had milk delivered in glass bottles. People don’t believe this happened in NYC in an apt. I also wish I had kept a seltzer bottle. I look for them in collectible stores, but have never seen one. Good to know the Soda Stream is just as good. I should buy one.