Results with Metformin

At first, i thought the metformin was doing a good job. I had several days of low numbers and my morning fast test dropped to the 80s!

But now, two weeks into it (started on 3/24), they are rising again. And going higher than they were before. I’ve started having morning fast tests be above 120. And today I shot up over 200 2hrs after breakfast. I had a cup of shredded wheat and a kiwi. I’ve had this combo before and have been fine. The cereal will make it go up high but never over 150.

I was taking it at night but, once the numbers started rising, moved it to mornings so I could be more consistent with the time (dinner time is very flexible).

If it goes over 120 morning fast again, I’ll let the doc know. And I’ll call her if it goes over 200 again, too.

you started it a weel ago? think it takes a week or two to start working again I think. hope the nubmers get better

Paula, I have had this a bit too. I have the same thing for breakfast pretty much all the time. I take metformin 2 times a day one for breakfast and one for dinner. I have been one it almost a month. My numbers haven’t been as high as you but normally my low carb toast and peanut butter with unsweetened low carb nut milk will make me go up around 20 points. It has been going a bit higher than that - like I woke up at 80 today and tested 2 hours after and it was 106 which isn’t high but higher than usual. I had the same thing a few days last week too but it isn’t consistent. I think if your numbers really start climbing though it is probably a change in meds that you need - at least that is what the doctor told me - if you are consistently getting numbers going higher than the meds need to be adjusted probably. Do you only take one metformin a day?

Metformin can take up to 6-8 weeks to reach full effectiveness. I may well be that your reading of 200 mg/dl was a spurious reading. If you forget to wash your hands, that may have happened. Having a reading over 200 mg/dl at any time indicates diabetes.

Eating carbs, particularly high carbs will cause your blood sugar will surge. Most type 2 diabetics find that diet and exercise are very effective. A good diet is one that limits carbs. Next time for breakfast, try some eggs with sausage and a slice of toast.

Don’t overthink things, your blood sugar readings will go up and down. Test to find out what foods raise your blood sugar and how much. A good source of information is Jenny’s site Make sure you wash your hands before testing.

ps. And remember, your reading of 200 could well have been a spurious reading

I’ve been on Metformin four 2 weeks. We opted to put me on it because the A1C went up (4.7 to 5.3) despite my dieting and my morning fast test was slowly getting higher and higher.

I can’t eat white potatoes in any form. I get a huge spike afterward. Huge as in over 40 points/whatever.

My morning fast was 118 @ 9:30
had breakfast and tested at noon - 206
I waited 15 mins and tested again - 197
In an hour, it had gone down to 157

I don’t go to be within 2hrs of eating so the fasting tests are 10+hrs.

Normally I don’t have cereal in the morning. I use it more as a snack (half cup or less) than a meal. But I was lazy and didn’t feel like thinking about what to eat. I eat the stereotypical lunch for breakfast since I don’t eat eggs.

Being diabetic is a long term struggle. Diet and Metformin combination may work great for a time and then one has to adjust. I have found no set procedure to produce consistent results. Donot be dismayed that this happens to you. It happens to lots of us. Keep plugging away. Realize that after several years I still have to find a winning combination for a long term. Hang in there and never give up.

Hello there Paula. I have been taking metformin for more than 2 years now. Generally, it takes awhile before its effects can be fully appreciated. maybe about one to two months.
Normally too, metformin is prescribed with proper diet and exercises. Lower carb intake is also advised…breakfast can be eggs, ham, bacon, cheese…
Also, after the first few months, this is the time that you keep a journal of your blood sugar on specific times of the day, food intake, and physical activities… This will guide and your doctor if there will be certain adjustments you will need specifically on med dosage, frequency, and/or time of day you will take it.
I hope your numbers will get better soon…take it one step at a time. We are here to help =)

I’ve been on a low-carb, low calorie diet as advised by a dietitian since January. That’s when the doc made the diagnosis. I’ve lost about 15lbs.

Exercise is a problem due to other medical conditions.

I take my metformin after my second largest meal, usually lunch, 1000 mg. That will break up the amaryl and januvia in the AM…and makes my afternoon and evening numbers lower. At night I will take my second 1000mg dose and that gets me through the night usually…if I have a protein snack before going to bed. Diabetes is something that isn’t going to stagnate or stay the same even once you seem to get it under control. What are you eating at night before going to bed…the left over med could be just that low enough to not be of much help in the AM. You might want to talk to the med team about moving things around before you give up on met…it’s a good medication, doing give up.

Typically for breakfast I have a soft taco/tortilla with some sort of meat, cheddar cheese, heated so the cheese melts. I have a serving or less of some sort of Terra Chips or Wheatables and whatever fruit I have. Comes out to about 33 carbs and 320 calories, depending on the fruit.

That morning, I didn’t feel like eating chicken (again) and decided to have the Shredded wheat.

I don’t eat eggs.