Traveling with CGM

I’m about to take my first trip with a pump and CGM. I understand the pump–no Xray or full body scanner.

My trainer told me to NOT put the CGM receiver and extra sensor that I will be taking through Xray. To put them in a bag and ask them to hand inspect them. Is that what you do??


Just got back from trip to Chicago. Heading out I asked for everything to be hand checked. As both pump & CGM companies recommend that. Takes a lot longer as they have to find a female etc. But on the way back I didn’t do hand pat down & went through body scan. I figured I was heading back home to San Diego where both companies are located. I still needed hand pat down & check for explosives , but everything is working fine, so not really sure what to believe. But going through body scan didn’t affect either.

I travel 200-300K miles a year and go through metal detectors and scanners all the time with my Dexcom sensor, receiver and Omnipod. I put my additional sensors and my Omnipod PDM through the X-ray machine that are in my carry-on. I’ve never had an issue or failure as a result.


I am quoting an interesting text in Medtronics website "

"You may go through the airport metal detector with your insulin pump and CGM, as these devices are designed to withstand common electromagnetic interference. However, we do not recommend going through an airport body scanner with your pump and CGM, as Medtronic has not determined advanced imaging technology to be safe for insulin pump or CGM devices. If you do go through an airport body scanner, be sure to remove your insulin pump and CGM, but do not send your devices through the x-ray machine as an alternative. If you do not wish to remove your devices, explain to the officer that you cannot remove the insulin pump as it is under your skin with a needle, and request an alternative pat-down screening process."

Dexcoms suggestions are pretty similar. Even though I travel A LOT because of work I always prefer the pat-down procedure, yes it is not nice, yes you have to plan in advance.

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Caleb has gone through metal detectors, x-ray and body scanners multiple times with Dexcom and never had a problem. Not saying that’s what you SHOULD do, but it’s what we do. :slight_smile:

I’ve been through them all. NEVER HAD A PROBLEM or any effect on the functionality of my pump or CGM. 15 years on a pump. I always bring a back up pump, but without batteries for the extensive xray of carry ons.

Even flying overseas.

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I’ve had all of my CGM stuff go through the x-ray (receiver/extra sensors) or scanner (sensor and transmitter I’ve been wearing), many times now, with no adverse effects whatsoever. Also, I wear my sensor on my low stomach, and not once has it resulted in a flag for further searching. Now with G5, I also don’t bother with the receiver and just use my phone anyway, which is simpler. But yeah, Dexcom will tell you not to, because they can’t 100% guarantee it and haven’t tested all these machines out, but that’s to cover their ■■■—it’s not an indicator that they think it’s at all likely to cause problems.

I find it hard to believe that Dexcom has not studied/tested each and every device for safety regarding the various airport security methods. I think it’s their duty to have firm answers without ambiguity. There are many different answers and experiences posted on this board.

It’s been my experience that nothing at the airport will have any impact on your pump or CGM’s.

The only device that isn’t Pump/GCM friendly is the MRI (CT scans are fine). I was put thru an MRI 2 years ago in a non cognitive state, and they never removed my Dexcom G4 CGM. It came out absolutely fried

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The issue is that there is a wide variety of equipment used across all airports and countries. And they are constantly upgrading them. How would you propose Dexcom to keep up 100% for all equipment.

I believe that being a research/development/manufacturer firm, that it’s the R&D department’s to keep up to date with all equipment used. Patients should have solid and practical answers regarding normal usage.

The airport nearest to me doesn’t use the millimeter wave scanners, so I just went through the regular one with my CGM no issue whatsoever. It passes through the metal detector at work every day and never has an issue.

I’ve traveled several hundred thousand miles with various Dexcom CGMs (starting with the Seven about 10 years ago), and I have never had an issue with security equipment at any domestic or foreign airport. I put my receiver in my carry-on bag alongside my iPhone. Was there a reason you bumped this old thread? Have you had a problem at an airport with your Dexcom?

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