Road into diabetes?

As you progress into diabetes can you phase in and out? I have a fullt function pancreas and reactive blood sugars i seem to have also become completely carb and all sugar intolerant is this a normal way to walk in to diabetes?

some folks have a ‘honeymoon’ period where the blood sugars can be good at the onset of the diesase. don’t know if there is a formal definition of this somewhere. but with the honeymoon period it can last a short period or a long time it all depends

in type 2 who are over weight sometimes as you control weight diabetes gets more under control. For me as I lost weight I needed less insulin until I needed no insulin then as I gained weight I needed more pills and then dropped the weight and needed less pills. So it seems the pancreas works better with less weight for me but fluctuates when weight goes up or down.

Many Type 2’s start out as hypoglycemics. Even though your pancreas makes insulin, if you are going hypo a lot that means your endocrine system is not functioning the way it should. Many times the reason for these hypos in Insulin Resistance. When you have IR your cells don’t always respond to the insulin your pancreas makes. So it is forced to keep overproducing insulin. When all this insulin hits your system at once your bg crashes causing lows. The trick is to make your cells more sensitive to your own insulin. Eventually after many years of overproducing insulin you start to lose beta cells. Usually once beta cells burn out they don’t come back. Do a lot of research on Insulin Resistance and how you can change your diet to make your system work more efficiently. Most find that if you can control the amount you spike at meals you can control the crashes.