Role of Environmental Chemicals in Diabetes and Obesity: A National Toxicology Program Workshop Report

A newly published summary of a workshop hosted by the US National Toxicology Program on scientific research linking chemical exposures to diabetes and obesity.

From the text:

“Overall, the existing literature was judged to provide plausibility, varying from suggestive to strong, that exposure to environmental chemicals may contribute to the epidemic of diabetes and/or obesity.”

Free full text at above link.

Thanks for keeping us up to date on this issue sarhow, I know this is an area of interest for you. To me a combination of factors, including exposure environmental chemicals, is a more likely explanation for the diabetes/obesity epidemic, as opposed to too many Twinkies.

Saw some of this on a Canadian TV programme called " Nature of things" first time I heard the word obesogen a good term. Evidence presented was compelling. As a former Chem Eng I always wondered what do the 100,000 man made chemicals we introduced into the environment do. Now we have an idea. The real scarry part was when some chemicals were tested by toxicologist at high concentrations they had little effect but when the were tested by endocrinologists at 10,000 to 50,000 less they had a massive amount of effect. Better living thru chemistry ? Mostly but not always.

Thanks for this info. I am in the process of cutting all the chemical crap out of my diet that I can. It's been about a month of no grains or sweeteners, but also NO additives, no nitrates or nitrites, organic veggies and fruit if I can find/afford organic instead (about 80% organic -- I'll do better as I figure out organic sources for things) and cooking everything from scratch (zero packaged, processed foods except organic tomato paste and organic tomato sauce.) After only five weeks I feel SOOOOOO much better. It's kind of amazing. My mood is the the most noticeable. I feel energetic, I'm getting things done, I WANT to get things done -- it's a remarkable change in my mental clarity, serenity and sense of purpose/hope since I finished the initial week of (hellish) detox. I can't wait to do my HbA1C at 90 days. I'm predicting a HUGE improvement based on what I'm seeing on my meter.