Links between diabetes and chemical exposure: Safe Chemicals Act

The Diabetes and Obesity Working Group Collaborative on Health and the Environment is collecting signatures on a letter (attached) to support the Safe Chemicals Act. This bill will be introduced in congress shortly, and aims to ensure that chemicals are safe *before* they are introduced into the marketplace. More details on the bill are in the letter itself, or online here:

Scientific research linking diabetes to chemical exposures is growing stronger every day. Last month the US National Toxicology Program (part of NIH) published a review of the evidence here: They conclude that, ÔÇťOverall, the existing literature was judged to provide plausibility, varying from suggestive to strong, that exposure to environmental chemicals may contribute to the epidemic of diabetes and/or obesity." And today, the UK organization CHEM Trust published a report summarizing the scientific evidence as well, online here:

If you are interested, you can find the letter to sign here.

You may want to see if George Soros has funded these groups.

Hi Emily. Thanks for this information. Asthma, Type 1, so many diseases are increasing in occurrence. The more information on the subject the better; it's all about the our health, and the health of our descendents.

I think there's a link between diabetes and vaccines too. Or at least one in particular. Anyone else feel that way?