Roller Coaster of Life, how it all restarted

Life really is a roller coaster, it really can throw you a curve ball from time to time.

I found that out the hard way, I have a mother who is a type 2 diabetic, and my brother

is 24 now, has been type 1 since he was 2 years old.

It never once occured to me that, just maybe I could be prone to it.

I figured out I was wrong on July 22nd, this year.

I pretty much had every single sign of diabetes. I had lost like 120lbs in just like a year, for almost no reason at all either. I was always tired, anytime I ate anything, it never really helped. I always had this hunger that I could never seem to satisfy. And then there was the thirst. I was TERRIBLY thirsty all day, every day. there was no stopping me.

You knew there had to be something wrong when you down three 32oz root beers in 30 seconds, and you were still

way to thirsty.

The bathroom...terrible...

I couldnt stop going to the bathroom, like every 20 minutes I had to pee. All my friends told me it was like a bladder problem "oh hey, maybe you got a UTI"?? nah, checked it out, I'm fine....well, I wasnt :(

Then I went into DKA on the 22nd of July. I really thought it was like a Flu, or a cold. My roomate had gotten a small stomach flu, and she was coughing, throwing up, chest pains....etc..etc..

Then I got those symptoms, and pretty much just thought I had caught her little stomach bug. I guess not.

For four days I went through all that pain thinking it was just the flu, or a cold. I even took my roomate to the

hospital to get her treated, told myself "I dont need to get checked up, I'll just tough it out"

That was all on the 21st of July.

The next day I woke up, to what I thought was me dying. I couldnt breath, couldnt stand, couldnt do anything.

that morning I just woke up and told my mom, enough is enough and to call an ambulance. As soon as the docs got there, they told me right away this was serious and I'd need to be taken to the hospital quick.

It was my first ride in the ambulance with the sirens on!!! woo, kinda fun...

Then they told me I almost died. If I had decided to "tough-it-out" for like another day or two, I probably would

have gone into a coma or worse.

But ya know what..I'm happy....

I'm happy that now I know whats been wrong with me for the past year or so...

I'm happy that I can feel normal again and have the energy I used to.

I'm happy I'm somewhat forced to take responsibility with my life, I'm tired of living like...well like I usually do, a party-hard stoner, lazing about after work playing video games all day. getting loaded and just binge eating.

But then I'm pissed.

I'm pissed off this disease had to choose me, why me? then again, I bet everyone asked that, at least at one point or another...

It is definately time for a change. In just a month, month and a half, I've completely changed the way I eat/act

no more staying up til 3-4am on video games, now I keep myself to a good schedule, in bed by midnight, up at like 7am...on the go!!!

Mmmm fooood, I love food, I love fooooooood.....

But, I know that stuffs somewhat limited now, cant just gorge myself anymore.

Remember portion control John, portions!!!

I've really taken an interested in counting carbs, watching what I eat. and I make sure to keep a great schedule for meals, no more random eating.

I feel....good...

And thats saying something, I havent felt anything close to good for so long, I sorta forgot what it feels like.

it feels weird to feel "normal" again...but oh so good.

Life has changed...for the good.

I had the absolute worst experience of my life about a month ago..

But that so very bad experience, was also one of the best things

thats happened to me.


before I was diagnosed, I had this sort of "instinct" about me, that I was gunna die.. kept thinking it, no matter how much I didnt wanna think it...I did.

Now, hopefully, I can live a long life, because believe me, I want to......

Keep up that fight and that attitude! You will go far!!

Keep posting photos of your indoctrination. I was diagnosed as a child and have been a type 1 for twenty-eight years. Let me know if I can help.


you better not give up video games!! I’m so proud of your first BLOG!!