Running out of pump supplies!

This crazy recall is really screwing everything up. I signed up for that automatic supplies refill thing through medtronic and I should be getting more supplies soon. I haven’t gotten ANY supplies in months. I can’t remember the last time.
I barely have any strips left, I have one box of resevoirs left, one box of infusion sets that isn’t lot 8 (they sent it to me last week) ect. And they are not even full boxes. So I’m probably down to 6 infusion sets AND resevoirs. I change both every 3 (ok, more like 4) days. I’m really running out of supplies. And pretty fast.

I DO have a back up meter and test strips that my grandparents gave me for an Accu Check Aviva. I don’t want to go back to shots but if I don’t get my supplies soon that is going to wing up happening.
They will last me MAYBE 2 weeks. I really don’t want to go back to shots but I will if I need to.I mean, really, what choice would I have? I have plenty of syringes, and I have about 4 extra lantus pens.

Hopefully I will be getting my supplies soon. Maybe I will just call Medtronic and see if they are sending my supplies? Sound like a good idea?

You should definitely call the company that normally sends your supplies and ask why they have not come. You can get supplies in 1-2 days… so you shouldn’t need to go back to shots if you can work this out now.

they can overnight you supplies.

but, before they recall I was using lot 8’s and was fine.

yeah, I had no problem with the lot 8’s either.
I’m not completely out of supplies yet, but I;m definitely am running out.
I have a little more than I thought I did though.
SO…I think that I;m good for right now.