Medtronic Quickset Recall

Medtronic’s doing a voluntary recall of Quicksets with lots starting with the number 8:

Medtronic Diabetes is recalling Quick-set infusion sets that have lot numbers starting with the number “8”

These infusion sets are used with MiniMed Paradigm® insulin pumps. This decision was made because we estimate that approximately 2% of “Lot 8” Quick-set infusion sets may not work properly. The manufacturing process has been changed and this is no longer a problem.

Please discontinue using “Lot 8” Quick-Set infusion sets right away
We are providing replacement infusion sets to customers at no additional charge and are doing all that we can to make this replacement process as easy as possible for you.
Medtronic customers will receive an important communication via UPS by Friday, July 10, 2009

If you buy your products directly from Medtronic and are a current user of the “Lot 8” Quick-set infusion sets, select the option that best describes your situation.

Well, add another issue to my Medtronic list 2 months with them and 4 issues. New sets come one box every 3 weeks. Medtronic website has the info you need to order replacements. Interesting I got notification here on TU first before an email, letter, phone call. Also interesting I was on the phone yesterday with Medtronic and nobody mentioned this. Oh well, life goes on!

I hadn’t heard from them, either… My endo’s pump specialist (very cool woman) forwarded the email to all of her patients.

I’ll be curious when I go home to see if I have the bad lots. I’ve actually thought they weren’t fitting quite as tight as usual, but hadn’t noticed any performance problems (well, uh, certainly not like the serious injury or death that they warn about :slight_smile: ).

When my warranty’s up, I’m switching to Animas. I’ve been w/ Medtronic for 7 years now, but it’s time we saw other people.

My entire stock is “Lot 8”. By sounds of it everything shipped in the last 6 months is bad. My batch shipped on the 16th or so of June and they started shipping good ones on the 19th. I have experienced 1 set that was bad, always alarming or low dosing, I switched it out.

Good to hear your pump specialist is on top of things.

I have tried Animas it was my first pump. Back when they were a small company and the pump was made of the stuff they make Gluk (sp?)( the plastic gun) out of. Never had to worry about that case breaking. But now they don’t make a 300unit res anymore so here I am.

Wow! Thank you so much for posting this!!! I just checked and I had 2 unopened boxes of supplies along with the current quicksets I’m using and they are all Lot 8’s! I actually had a couple I had to change recently but thought it was something I must have done. I actually changed a set 2 nights ago after starting a new set and it didn’t work correctly! My blood sugar sky rocketed until I realized it was because I needed to change to a new set. In the 2 yrs I’ve used MM I’ve had really no issues with much of anything working properly so this is a first for me with MM. But I feel the same way as Mark in wondering why I had to hear it here first! I am going to give them a call now. Thanks again for the info!

I like the “seeing other people” analogy. Your pump really is a commitment :wink:

I have lot “2” Quicksets… so I’m in the clear.

:frowning: but does explain some things…order in for replacements

I just went to their site and filled out their form if you have the lot 8’s. I had 12 full unopened boxes and 13 separate sets that need to be replaced! :frowning: Sigh Luckily I have one box (10 sets) that has a lot 2 that I can use until the replacements arrive. Its kind of annoying to have to go through the trouble having to send the old ones back to them though. I guess I understand why but it’s still a pain anyway! Oh well. I’m glad they at least decided to do a voluntary recall instead of having to deal with some of the sets not working properly.

Better to fill their trash can than ours. They are even paying postage to get their trash back.

LOL. :wink: Very true!!

First of all thank you for the warning. I find it odd, to say the least, that I would learn about it here first rather than from Medtronics.

All of my boxes are, and have been, LOT 8. Here is my question though: When I went to their site to fill out the info and get them exchanged my browser (and subsequently my internet security software) warned me that it (that section of the website) is not using a valid security certificate and it is a “fake” server that is pretending to be an authentic Medtronics one. This isn’t your typical warning where it says “encrypted page contains unauthenticated items” it is telling me that without a doubt it is a fake server and that a legitimate public website would never have such a situation. Does anyone know what is going on? I know I’m not going to give them credit card info and such, but I still don’t feel safe giving any info at all.

Thanks for the post Marcus !
I have contacted a Canadian MM contact person and was informed , that this is mostly for US customers. I also read somewhere ,that Canadian MM will contact their clients. Canadians in British Columbia will purchase through their Pharmacy
Please note , some one else on TU has posted the same recall warning .

That exact same thing happened to me when I went to the link earlier from here. I just closed the page and went to MM’s site and filled it out on there and it worked fine then. I also called MM today to update some information with them and asked about this too. Just go to their site. They are sending everyone that got the lot 8’s one box by the end of this week. They will send you all the information/directions regarding shipping the others back in that box as well as a prepaid shipping label. The rep told me because it is such a huge recall they cannot replace them all at once but will send the replacements every 3 weeks until your lot 8’s are all replaced. You don’t give them any CC information on it or have to pay for anything.You just have to fill out how many unopened boxes and/or sets you have with lot 8’s on them,name,address,phone and that’s about it. You can also call MM directly if you prefer and they have an option for people who have lot 8’s that need them replaced! Hope that helps!

I did it online anyway since I wasn’t giving any real private info, but I’m still uncomfortable with it because you would be surprised at what people can do with such little info like what I had to fill out.

I learned about this from MM today when I arrived home and found an unexpected UPS package. Inside was a new box o Quicksets, the recall notice and replacement information.

I have three boxes of 8’s to send back.

Interestingly, the website does not offer the option to receive any other style of infusion sets other than the Quicksets. I want to replace them with Silhouettes or another style. I suppose a phone call is in order to change my order.


Thanks for the info. I haven’t had any problems with the infusion sets but filled out the information for them to send new ones.

they actually very happy toswitch youto anoterh style infusion set right now–

I have 8 (well 7now) and 4 singles to send back–got my first batch of new ones via courirer toady…they were nice when I called…so forme–still good with MM --not that I would have a choice for 2 years–but at least no issues they haven’t dealt with…

yes I am knocking on wood :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for posting this! I’ve been having the hardest time with my Quick-sets, and my blood sugars have been crazy. They always stick to the inserter, kink up, and do a lot of crazy things. I haven’t heard anything from Medtronic about this. All my supplies start with “8”. I guess I will call them in the morning.

That’s an interesting idea… I might consider doing the same.

After I posted this, I went home last night and found about 80% of my stock are the 8’s, so I’ll need to do something. Might be the perfect time to try a different type of set.