Rye and Barley Products Facilitate Blood Glucose and Appetite Regulation: have you seen this?

I thought this was interesting.

From Science Daily:

Evidence from observational studies indicates that diets rich in whole grain reduce risk of obesity and other diseases related to the metabolic syndrome e.g. type 2 diabetes and cardio-vascular disease. The mechanisms involved are only partially elucidated. Work within HEALTHGRAIN has revealed novel insights regarding some potential mechanisms.


Barley and rye cannot be eaten by those of us who have Celiac Disease. I think brown rice and teff would have some of the same benefits.

I find 100% flax foods do that for me, with the added benefit of not raising my glucose numbers. I can’t say the same for rye and barley.

They are better than wheat products.

These three grains have the same gluten, in descending order: wheat, barley, rye. If you have Celiac disease, you know to look very carefully at labels that say “no wheat”–they might have barley and/or rye. Of course, it would be nice to not have this disease and be able to eat these grains…

Goody gumdrops! I love my Trader Joes Low Carb Rye bread and now I have and even better reason. :slight_smile:

I make a really good soup (beef barley with mushrooms) which everyone laps up except our D child. Barley and lentils make great soups/stews and they are so healthy. Nice to have this extra evidience.

HEALTHGRAIN–check out their grain industry members http://www.healthgrain.org/organisations_industrial_platform_members

It’s an organization promoting the use of grains, of course. Other food consortiums have similar press releases stating their particular product promotes health & helps reduce the risk of T2. Pistachios, cinnamon, etc. The organizations typically fund the research, so claims should be viewed with a bit of healthy skepticism.

Just Increase your Soluable Fiber Intake …get it upto at least 20g and 30 g if can per day…