So I just bought a sauna (impulse buy-- classified ads). I’ll be picking it up next week. Have not used one since I started insulin. For those that have, do you notice any weird trends with bg when you use them? Or any other problems or considerations for using them and how they might affect bg, digestion, or insulin absorption? Thanks

interesting question. i have never noticed very big changes when using a sauna, i would disconnect the pump however, just bc of the humidity if using one that is not waterproof, however, i did not pay that much attention at the time i went…
waiting for interesting answers as well...

For sure if you're using an insulin pump it should be removed before using a Sauna, as the heat can actually affect the insulin. Also I've read in the past that high heat increases blood pressure, and can also increase insulin sensitivity. Its different for everyone though, so you'll have to do a bit of trial and error to see how it affects you.

Personally I've had no issues with using either a Sauna or a Hot Tub as a T1 Diabetic.

Are you talking about a hot tub? If you use insulin, you have to watch for hypos. Hot tubs can cause a significant increase in insulin absorption. The best thing to do is just be conservative and see how it work out. Don't just leap in with a mixed drink and think everything will be fine.

ps. I never have had any problem with hot tubs, increased absorption but manageable.

Not really a hot tub more like a steam room. Just a little cedar shed with a mega powerful electric heater in it basically… The user cranks the heat up to 150-200 degrees and usually sprays water onto the heater which is topped with a basket of rocks which are extremely hot to create steam… Probably similar effects to a hot tub but the air in a sauna is much hotter than the water in a hot tub ever would be


Just wondering if you have an update on using the sauna. I’m planning on joining a gym in the next couple weeks. For a bit more, one has a sauna. I used to love the sauna, but kind of wondering about hypos with exercise and steam. Any advice based on your experience?


I really haven’t had any noteworthy problems with it… I think when using lantus the heat may have incrementally sped up absorption, just like exercise did, but never enough to cause me any real problems. With tresiba bass it’s even less of a concern for me. I don’t exercise or sauna with appreciable bolus on board, that seems like a recipe for trouble.

Thanks, Sam. I’ve found that exercising with no bolus and a good snack works well for me. I do miss sitting in a steamy room though; I’ll probably just do it during the day, so I can snack my way out of a low versus an afterwork steam and overnight low.

It’s worth it… mine at home is a little standalone one and it only get up to about 160f. But it’s gotten me interested in building in a bigger nicer more powerful one… it’s on the to-do list