Saved by new ADA law

I have had so many issues at work since i developed hypoglycemia unawareness. I have passed out so many places its not even funny including work. They freaked out after the incident and now i am trying to get protection under the American Disabilities Act.I also have coworkers that are jealous because they say i get extra breaks because one day i had to change my infusion set at work. I went to the doctor and she was supposed to fill out a form about my medical condition. She returned the document saying that my condition was slight to moderate which would not allow me to receive the accommodations i need for my job. They have luckily decided to allow me the protection due to the new law that just was signed into law. I find it funny that on my medical records it says my condition is uncontrolled and severe but then they write it is moderate to slight. Then on my Family Medical Leave paperwork they wrote my condition was life threatening. I really think after all i have been through with dealing with this doctors office i need to get a new endocrinologist. I hate to switch doctors but they have made my life hell just trying to even see the doctor or my diabetes educator. I after complete frustration also have been adjusting my own pump settings because they have not been able to. I actually have done a better job.

Well at least now i can say my job is safe for the moment. It is really sad how people can make life so much more complicated than it needs to be all due to jealousy. I know i would prefer not to have diabetes but i do and i have never asked for help from human resources on these types of issues. I guess this whole situation has been a learning experience. I am glad that i have FMLA and ADA protection at the moment because i know my work is not liking all my doctors appointments and dealing with the low blood sugars. I am hoping things will continue to improve with the added accommodations at work.

It has been a real pain just trying to see the doctor let alone get her to even fill out paper work. I know its is frustration working with people who don’t get or understand Diabetes. Im just glad i found this site.

fire your doctor what are you paying them for to sit on there butt.paperwork is part of their least you have a legal medical problem and are trying to do your work. your doctor isnt doing her job wonder how bad they would be if they had diabeties!