Saw my endo on Monday and he marked on the check out slip.. Type 1 diabetes uncontrolled not Type 1 diabetes controlled

I was very upset about this as I left the office. My A1C was 7.8… It was 8.3 last time… Going in the right direction, but needs to get better.

I am trying very hard to lose weight, eat better, exercise. I have to get my A1C down.. Next appointment is in July. I hope to lose 10 lbs by then and have my A1C down to 7.0.

I have two children (7 and 9) who need their mother very much and my husband would be lost without me.

Trying hard,

Don’t take it personally…I assume he was just following guidelines and once your HbA1c drops down to 7 or below he will categorize you as Type 1 diabetes controlled.

My endo will mark it uncontrolled any time I am over 7… it sucks, because it doesn’t reflect that amount of effort you’re putting in… I think they need another CPT code for “marginal” control… becuase I hate feeling like any time my A1C is just barely over 7 that I’m being lumped in with all of the others who don’t care and maintain DOUBLE DIGITS! Not cool.

I think they can see you more often if it’s marked uncontrolled. May have something to do with diagnosis codes and insurance coverage.

I work in my endo’s office and as I understand it, it basically is all about the diagnosis code. 250.03 is Type 1 DM uncontrolled without complications. As I’ve worked there for 3 months, I don’t recall seeing anyone with a different diagnosis code. Definitely don’t take it personally. All it seems to come down to is billing and claims for insurance. I like to think of it as no type 1 has it ‘controlled’. We still ALL have ups and downs, highs and lows at some point, that technically pan out as ‘uncontrolled’.

There are insurance reasons for this. I would trust what your doctor tells you, rather than what is marked on the forms.

Well done on the lower A1c! Keep it up!

My last A1C was 6.0, and my doc still used 250.03 - type 1, uncontrolled. Woo hoo! It’s just for insurance!