Saying hello

Hi everyone, I have just joined after seeing this site mentioned on some other diabetes blogs I read.

I have been diabetic for 20 years and have been using a pump for 3 years. I really struggle because i have a real phobia of hypos, and constant anxiety that I am going to go low. Hence my last HbA1c of 10.5.

Anyway, I am in the UK, married with one dog.

I am now going to figure out how to join the UK group of this website, bye for now


Having seen my dad with a BG of 25 mg/dL once (this equates to approx. 1.4mmol/L), I understand what you mean about hypophobia. Based on that, having seen him unable to even state his name, etc. it took me a very long time to be willing to give even slight hypos (70-80) a “shot”… which meant I was averaging (when I was doing well) in the range of 140-150.

In 2006, I started attending a pumpers meeting here in Orlando and was amazed at how “daring” they were, shooting for 80-90 (in a very Dr. Bernstein’s fashion).

Those meetings had a deep impact on me. Not to say I am at 80-90 all the time (far from that), but I have less fear of hypos than I used to.

You know this, I am sure, but the two things I’d recommend, to start feeling a bit more comfortable with slightly lower levels are:

  1. ALWAYS test before driving or conducting any activity that involves risk.
  2. Always test before you go to sleep.

Hope my humble experience helps in some way.