Just wanted to warn our community. I was contacted by this user: Ela Conty, email: I was contacted by this person through a comment on this site. This person is running a scam in which they want you to help them get millions of dollars out of a back account in their country, and promisses to give you 5% for your help. I don’t think that her profile is active any more, but she will send you a message to send her an email. Saying something like, I was touched by your profile and want to communicate on a more personal level or something like that. I think she has contacted others on this site and might try to get another profile to try to contact members again. She is in my spam box on my personal email and if she contacts you. I strongly suggest that you do not get mixed up with this.


Wow, that is crazy! Thanks for the heads up.

I was contacted by s/he too before s/he was removed from this site. I just googled the name, and this person has contacted people on other websites too.

Please be informed that this issue has been resolved and the person (spammer) concerned was suspended January 24, 2011 and is no longer a member of the site. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Thank you so much for the continues vigilance!