IMPORTANT: Scam requesting money

Dear Members,
A few members have informed us that they received a message from one of our members that claims that he is out of the country and in a desperate situation. The message requests money to be sent as soon as possible.

This is a scam. This person is not in trouble. Please DO NOT SEND MONEY.

The Administrative Team is working on clearing this up as soon as possible.

To avoid any possible future issue with the hijacked account from which the requests for money were sent, the account was blocked.

If you need any information or copy of emails let me know, I received one last night and I even got a reply. I knew not to send money. But Im glad this has been posted. Horrible, people using diabetics for a scam. We are very sensitive to our diabetic friends but we are not stupid, hello…!

I just got one this morning. If you need it let me know I will forward it to you.

Thanks Robyn

Here are some websites you might want to look at to understand internet scams:
FBI link:

Internet Crime Complaint Center link to report a scam:


Ahh, thank you… got it too =/

We got them too. Thanks, Gabriel and Robyn.

I got one too. I thought this member was helpful and supportive. Please tell me that someone stole his identity or something. Manny, I understand if you can’t explain the details, but I’m just curious…

I received the message from a Member requesting money early this morning also. The message looks Real but his story sounded a bit unbelieveable.

It’s a good thing people are on to this type of scam. I hope the person doing this is not a member of tudiabetes. Everyone should plan well before an out of country trip. If that person is genuine in the request, it still makes him/her seemingly a scammer.

Further clarifying:
The member whose account was used to send the scam private message had his email account that he uses for TuDiabetes hacked. As a result, the person who took over his email account was able to sign into TuDiabetes impersonating this member and appearing as if it was a legitimate request.

Since this happened:

  1. The member account that got compromised got blocked.
  2. The original member’s email address is back in his control.
  3. He will be rejoining the community under a new member account.

I repeat: the person behind the scam message sent today was impersonating the member whose account he used to try to scam others into giving him money.

The big lesson for everyone here is:
When you finish your session on TuDiabetes, sign out. This way, if someone gains access to your browser, there is no way for them to impersonate you and sign in as yourself.

Thanks for telling us to log out every time when we are finished, Manny. I ,too, received the money request and did not act on it :It seeemed so odd and out of character for that person. Now I know that identity theft is real…Is there a way for Tudiabetes to automatically require, like other sites I am a member of, a re-sign in after a certain amount of time?

God Bless,

I had a similar problem with a Hotmail account a while back where someone hacked into it and sent a message purporting to be from me to everyone in my contacts list.

It was a product recommendation for something anyone who knows me would have known immediately was a scam. Still it was disturbing to have it happen.

I no longer keep a contact list in Hotmail but I use it for many online activities since Hotmail does a good job of purging spam.

If you have a Hotmail account you might want to go in and delete your contact list, though, as online contact lists are what make these problems happen.

I will now signout after each session. I have been getting a pop-up on my desktop. GUIDE BROWSER.HTML This has been poppin up several times per day the past several days. Having trouble finding out why. Anyone?

Thanks for the info.

oh crap I should do this too so that my email account doesn’t get hijacked.