Scar Tissue and Insulin Pumps,sites%2C%20caused%20by%20the%20fat-promoting%20effect%20of%20insulin.
I found this article on the web looking for scar tissue and Insulin Pumps. Found it interesting


Scar tissue and pumping an OLD topic - add in the CGM and we become the subject of what can only be described as “Scar Art” (in fact I’ve considered on and off opening a ScarArt gallery of pictures formed by well placed infusion sets and sensors. We can have galleries for different length of time using the hardware, different areas of the body and even different types of artwork)

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@DonR Interesting read, ThankYou!

I love to see a collection of this art!

I don’t get scars from cgm. Only the infusion sets. I think I’m my case it’s the glucose in my tissues getting hit by this large puddle of insulin.
However I have had really good results from compression shirts for my abdomen. I stopped using my belly and wore a compression shirt for a month.
All my lumps went away at least the appearance of them. And the puffiness went away too.
You can buy them every where people use em to flatten their abdomen. If you do t have a big belly the buy one smaller than your size. I wear medium shirts so I bought small compression shirts. They are not really so comfortable but it was the only thing that worked.

I have been using my stomach area for years. I do move the sight around left-right, front-rear, and up and down. I going to try some others I have never used and see what happens. I have been getting more occlusions the past 6 months then ever before. I always feel around for bumps under the skin.

I have the same o😩