Scary Scenario - Watch out!

Hi to all of you.
I just had a very scary situation happen last week.
I made an appointment to have a sports massage as my back was really hurting. I don’t usually go to my appointment after about 4 in the afternoon, but the opening he had was at 6. I had a pretty good massage, as he manipulates much like an osteopath.
After my treatment, I came home, took my shot of Humalog,based on my blood sugar reading. I usually eat between 10 to 20 minutes after taking my shot. My blood sugar was 126. The last thing I remember was thinking that I was getting a migraine headache, as my eyes were getting rather foggy. I also remember thinking that I better hurry up and eat and then I could go lay down.
Next thing I knew my husband was trying to take my blood sugar. I was lying on the floor. I must have passed out for a few minutes. Next he was asking if I could chew some glucose tabs. I started to chew them, then I heard my husband on the phone and the paramedics and ambulance wer there. They gave me some additional juice.