Scary Scenario - Watch out ! Part 2

Sorry, but I ran out of room, so need to continue here.
I was not having a migraine, but a low blood sugar. This happened so quickly. It must have been within 5-10 minutes.
I am quite sure this had something to do with my treatment earlier.

Just an FYI, be careful after treatments like this. I think it may have changed my metabolism or ?
My husband tells me my blood sugar was 37. But the worst part about this was that I realized that I could not have helped myself, if my husband had not been there?
Anyone had a similar situation. Please share if you have?

Let’s be really careful, handling our diabetes with kid gloves. We want to be around a long time, right?
Linda L

Interesting that you mention this because massage lowers my BG. I eat a protein snack before massages now. I don’t know if it’s being that relaxed, improved circulation or what, but this happens every time I get a massage. At first I thought it might be due to being massaged at a recent injection site (maybe helping the insulin gets absorbed faster?), but it happens even if it’s been hours after an injection. I try to schedule them between meals when possible, so I won’t be injecting insulin before or after a massage for fear of going too low.

Glad you’re ok!

massage around the injection site can cause the long lasting insulin to hit you faster. Lantus is notorious for this. I always have it hit me so much harder when inject in my leg(i guess from the walking).

That is scary. I have had that happen to me once (where I went low and blacked out b4 I could treat). It is scary…it has made me more conservative with my #'s and I have also applied for CGM…although I expect to be denied…


Thanks for the reply. I am going to only get my massages in mid-afternoon, a few hours before dinner.


Thanks for the input. When you blacked out, was there someone there to help, or did you come to by yourself?
I am also much more conservative with my #'s, especially when I need to go back to work at night.

Regarding the CGM, I am using one next week for 5 days. My blood sugars are fairly odd, but I can still keep my A1C around 6.5. I am a type 1.5, so I sometimes make a little bit of insulin, which certainly can be maddening at times. Why do you think you will be turned down for the monitor?

Linda L