School nurse responds

If you've been following updates on my son's care in school, you will remember I had to make a formal complaint and get many people involved in order to put a spotlight on the poor management and medical service being provided to my son by the school nurse.

Jacob, on his way to school with brother Aaron

The supervisors were quick to contact me and come up with a plan to resolve the situation quickly. Even after providing a meeting and going over how to take care of a Type 1 Diabetic child, my son was then mistreated again. This time I believe the anger of being reported on gave way and the school nurse became someone who no longer wanted to even look at my son.

If you know me, you’ll know that I immediately contacted all the same people again. This time, there were also adults in the school building that witnessed the way my son was wrongfully spoken to and treated and I no longer had to speak up. God used these people in the school building who work there to become voices for my son in my absence.

What can I tell you? Today I am pleased. How? Well, I believe that when we pray and place all matters into God’s hands, He will intervene and place the right people in our paths. The nurse called me and although her voice was robotic and cold, and I believe she was not alone, but had a supervisor with her telling her what to speak to me about, I accepted her apology. There was one thing she said that stood out to me.

“I want to start over with Jacob. I want to start fresh as if it was the first day.” What a great thing to say, even if it didn’t come from the heart. To me this is telling me that she is going to at least try to be the professional I am relying on if my son needs medical attention in school. The truth is, she has so little to do. Jacob does everything on his own. Where she comes in to play is when his sugar drops to very low, or is sky high and he might not be able to think right or do the things he should do because he is not well.

Thank you. Thank you for saying, we’re starting over. That’s all I ever wanted. To know that you take your job with such heart that I can try to go back to work in the near future. I want to know that I will not be called in to take him out of school because you don’t know what to do or don’t want to go through the trouble of monitoring him. Thank you for listening to the people that have come your way to remind you of who you are in the school building and that if you’re going to work there, students depend on you. Even for small things like just counting carbs or watching a child check his sugar, you matter. Who you are is important and your role is so special to us as parents.

You become my eyes when I can not see my son. You become my ears when I am not there for him to tell me he doesn’t feel well. You become my hands when I am not there to give him a correction or some juice. I value you and always will. Yes. I think it’s a great response that you’ve shared with me. "Let’s start all over again, for the love of Jacob."


Fantastic! Word of advice to the world. Never get in the way of a mother and her little cub!! Go get 'em tiger!



Ha Ha LOVE IT! That's right! Thanks Lois.

Good for you Mom of a Winner! You did what needed to be done. I hope this nurse will do a good job now of helping him when he needs it, this will help you a lot. And I hope it will make her a more compassionate person.

Thanks meee. I do believe so. And yes, compassion is what we pray and long for our children or families with T1D. Thank you for your encouragement. Hugs your way.

The crappy thing is it took all this work to get her to do the job she is being paid for. I would just like to congratulate you on the hard work put forward so that your Son, as well as others, get the assistance and care needed to promote a healthy lifestyle when they are in the care of the school.