Sensitivity to bread

Does anyone else here have to take extra insulin with bread? Recently I started to notice that having bread with ANYTHING will send me up to 170-190, even with an extra unit of insulin. It’s weird because it never did that before a couple of weeks ago.

Oh, forget french bread! I walked past a warm basket full at the store today and started drooling! My BS thanks me now that I left it there!
Ken, I usually do O.K. with wheat bread and wheat buns, I try to stay away from all white bread.

If you absolutely positively cannot give up bread, you might try switching to a spelt wheat or sprouted wheat bread, like Ezekiel (you can find it cheapest in Trader Joe’s, also in Sprouts or Whole Foods).

There’s also the important help, like with all carbohydrates, make sure you eat fat with it. Add butter at least. Help to slow down that blood sugar jump. A shot glass or two of olive oil is a fantastic supplement.

When you’re really ready to get serious about your control, get rid of the bread.

For me it’s only white bread. With whole wheat my normal ratio works just fine.

Bread is totally out of my diet along with potatoes.

Last week I went out with my brother and his family for pizza. I “counted” the best that I could and then tried to cover it, but to no avail. I had three pieces of pan-style cheese pizza from pizza hut, took 15U of novolog, then two hours later, I was almost at 300. I apparently miscalculated horribly or so I thought, then yesterday I had a french bread panini thing from Panara and had the same issue. I guess it’s just bread.

Dave- do you have a “set” I:C ratio for bread? Was it just trial and error to figure it out?

Yes, I have to bolus extra for bread. The only time I can get away from not doing it is if it has a lot of fiber, then I am okay. However, this just started for me a few months ago. I never use to have problems with bread, and could bolus according to the label. In fact, a lot of foods are starting to do this to me.

Awesome! Thanks!

Elizabeth, pizza is the classic SURPRISE! BG jumper. Everyone dramatically underestimates the carb load in pizza; there’s a lot of sugar added to the sauce as well as the dough. Almost everyone has the same experience, though, of having the big increase delayed by a few hours, so most people do a small early bolus for the pizza, then a much larger bolus about 1-1.5 hours later.

Back when I ate carbs and had to bolus for carb meals, my ratio was about 1.0 unit of novolog or humalog for each 15-18 grams carbohydrate, and about 5 pieces of pizza would take about 18 units of insulin. If I did a big bolus just before eating pizza, I would actually go hypo after an hour or so – because all the oil & fat in the pizza slows down the CHO metabolism and delays the big BG jump.

Yeah, i’m finding out that my I:C ratio is pretty low? high? compared to most. I’m 1U of novolog to 12 grams of carbs. That’s kinda what I started at right out of the hospital. It works most of the time for me, I’m still a newbie… only on my 3rd month of diagnosis.

Mine is 12:1 for most of the day, i also limit myself to wheat bread, try to avoid processed bread products, and all breads on less active days. Most breads will spike me, unless I eat them with proteins.
I have to be careful in bolussing “extra” and have to monitor my blood glucoses more carefully.
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I love Ezekiel “fat flush” wraps (yeah, it was a fat flush that caught my eye). And they are definitely kinder to the bg than regular wraps.tortillas. Very wholesome and dhewey. I have mine with a tablespoon of hummous.

Kathy, if you’re concerned about body fat, I hope you understand that fat foods do not cause body fat. Insulin resistance and insulin excess causes body fat (and body fat causes increased needs for insulin which causes increased hunger and craving for carbs which produces a negative feedback cycle and addiction.)

“low fat” foods are harmful and cause more body fat because they do not buffer the insulin response to the carbs they contain.

I can provide references and links if you’re interested, just at the moment I’ve got a client arriving.

I have found that a low glycemic diet works well for me.