New continuous glucose monitor

After much hassle I got the Dexcom Seven Plus CGM started on Jan. 19TH.

Two days ago I learned to do a 30 day download of results. Six different graph type things to select from to show the same 30 day results.I then print the results from my selected graph and fax to my Endo.Can also include my insulin amount into Receiver, and other things, which I do. So cool. Have not had a sugar below 70mg/dl since started.

I'm getting 10-11 days per sensor. FDA approved for seven but more is realistic.

Happy to try and answer any questions.

I was wondering if anyone would know of the best way to get the Receiver insured, if possible, and the approx. cost.



Hi Jim,
I just started using my Dexcom Seven Plus as well. I’ve only had it a few days and it’s been alittle challenging. How are you able to get more than the 7 days use out of the sensor and are you having problems keeping the sensor attached. Any additional info or recommended sites for more info would be sooo helpful. We have very few Endo here in our town and they aren’t familiar with Dexcom. Thankfully, my Diabetic Educator is more versed. But I would like info directly from people who are using the Dexcom with their pumps.



I called DexCom re the cost of a replacement receiver. They told me it would be around $300 if it was still under warranty. I understand the warranty lasts one year. I decided to just self-insure and bet that I could avoid destroying the receiver. If my insurance coverage for the DexCom system is similar to my insulin pump coverage, then I expect that my insurance would cover a new one once the warranty runs out.

A few years ago I asked my homeowner’s insurer about covering my pump and they said that I would have to purchase a special rider with its own surcharge. I don’t remember the exact figures but I decided to self-insure in that case also. If worst comes to worst, I have my old pump ready to use should the need arise.

I started on the DexCom 7+ last September. I have dropped almost a full percentage point on my A1c during that time. I wish I could say that I have avoided both high and low BG excursion but I can’t. What I can say is that I’m able to take effective counter-measures much sooner. The Dex can usually wake me up during the night when needed.

Good luck with the Dex; it’s a great new tool.