Severe left thigh pain

Hello All
Have been experiencing SEVERE left thigh pain for 6 months. Have been rushed to hospital 2 times and admitted both times . The pain is so severe and it feels like my thigh is in a vice grip… My A1C was 11.0 when I was admitted recently… My levels are usually in a see-saw mode… Anyone have this left tigh issue???

I have not had thigh issues, but a quick search shows that diabetic neuropathy can impact thighs.

How long have you had T2 diabetes? Are you getting help with changes to bring down your A1C?
Did the hospital visit result in diagnosis, or instructions for follow-up ?

Have the Doctors provided any help in getting your A1C down?

Nerve damage is common in thighs with A1C that elevated. You need to work with your doctor to decrease your blood sugars . Getting here is a start,the food struggle isn’t easy but decreasing your carbs is the way to go. People here are good support,we have all been there. Take one meal at a time. Plan what you eat. Welcome to the group. Nancy50

Start low-carbing and you won’t see-saw much. And that means you’ll live a longer and more stress-free life.


About 12 T2…
Now Starting on Lyrica

200mg a day, Lavimire & Humalog , need to really keep an eye on my diet, closer contact with my Endocrinologist and continue my PT…

Hope it helps. This is commonly prescribed for diabetic nerve pain.