Severe Low 4 Hours Later What Gives?

Wife and I ate at TGI Friday's. Both carb counted. Four hours later I had a sever low. Almost passed out. Ate around 8pm. Low at 12:15. We are nite-owls. Type-1 for 20 years. Pumping with Medtronic 722 for 9 months. I don't understand this. The insulin would have worn off by now. Anyone ever have this problem?



I am 59 years old. Did some carpet cleaning that day about 4 hours earlier and treated minor lows. Nothing strenous here just took my time. No alcohol, seldom drink. We are on a 2nd shift schedule, pretty much the standard time for eating give or take an hour or two. After much discussion, we decided that it must be a fluke. Cannot find a pattern here. I do spike up and down two hours after eating. Still tweeking. I give a couple of weeks before the next tweek.

I have the same exact problem. I’m going to try to eat more protein with my carbs to see if that helps. My CGM said my sugar was 131 during exercise class this morning and it was really 36! :frowning: Be careful!

For me, it’s normally the increases fats and proteins in a meal that first send me screaming low and then high. when you couple in the carpet cleaning, there’s a real potential for a wacky experience.

Oh, and don’t forget there was a full moon. :wink:

Fair Winds,

Thanks to all who reply. Real friends here. Yes, I have noticed fighting lows after doing physical activity. It don’t take much at my age. When I was younger the FULL MOON did send me howlilng! That is a good thing. Not sure the moon will affect my diabete but will take note. I do have a CGM and it really helps when reading the charts.
Thanks to All