Shameless Self Promotion

Admittedly I am not the most active member here at tudiabetes, but like to believe that I am an active member in the Diabetes Online Community in general. I’m all a-twitter about twitter: @iam_spartacus. I have a blog that I write for daily (at least the work days) titled A Consequence of Hypoglycemia. That blog has grown quite a bit since I started at the beginning of the year, it’s quite surprising what all of this has transformed in to.

But Diabetes isn’t the only aspect of my life that defines me. I am also an avid gamer. To be honest, ‘avid’ isn’t a strong enough word. I obsess, I scour websites, I download far too many gaming podcasts for my own good because I crave video game goodness. It’s an expensive hobby, but it’s better than drugs or something just as extreme. To that end, I am a weekly contributor on Talking About Games and am featured on one of their podcasts, The Post Game Report. FWIW I joined the show in Episode 58, our latest episode, 61 was released last night.

If you are remotely interested in video games, you should check out the site. Despite what you might think of the stereotypical gamer, the community there is pretty awesome. Of course I’m saying this as a member of this community, but these guys (and gals) rock. So give us an eye-ball. Subscribe to a podcast feed. Sign up for the forums. Who knows, you might like it…

Like the title of this post indicates, this is entirely shameless self promotion. I’m all about exposing my content be it word or speech to as many people as possible. The Diabetes Online Community has done so much for me, I’m just hoping that my endeavors might be able to give back to someone else.

Have a nice day.

Shame on you, and like Jim, I also like your blog and agree with his comments. See ya around the web : )

I’ll “third” that vote - Chris’s blog is good stuff! Highly recommended! A++++ LOL!