Hey there

I never know what to say in the blog posts of diabetes communities. I have a Livejournal blog and there I just talk about my life in general, but I always feel like in a diabetes community, the blog entries should be all about diabetes, and really, I don’t have a lot to say about my T2, diagnosed last December. I take pills and watch my diet, and I manage. No horrible complications yet. Am losing weight, but too slowly now :frowning: I have always been a foodie in that I love to eat at various ethnic restaurants and definitely enjoy my food, but if I want to do that now, I have to suffer the consequences of too-high BG unless I have some alcohol with my meal :wink: and I can’t do that all the time. Sigh. I also love to take photos and share them, so will be adding more photos, swapping some out, etc.

I live a pretty dull life. I’m a medical secretary in the pathology department of a large hospital. No SO, no kids, no family nearby. One rather grumpy feline child. I love history and all things historical and/or archaeological, so enjoy museums, historical buildings, etc. That’s about it - or rather, all I can think of for now.


I find your photos very nice and enjoy looking at them…keep them coming!

Hi there! Nice to meet you!

Welcome and nice to meet you. Oh saw the photo of Cambria…brings back memories.

Hello! awesome post and nice to meet you