Sharps Container

OK. I have a question. I’m a newbie so be kind!

Do any of you have a “sharps” container and what do you do with it when it is full? The miser in me wants to use a pop bottle and “sneak” it in the trash. The “smart” part of me wants to do what’s right. But, honestly, diabetes is so expensive! What do you guys say?

Every community is different. In some areas a pop bottle is ok. Some fire stations have free containers you can pick up. I know what you mean by costs. They do add up. Call your local hospital or ask at your doctor’s office for the rules in your area. For example, you might be able to put them in the pop bottle and then drop them off at the fire station. Hope that helps.

here wally world has them for 3$ a pop…holds a month for me

There’s no sharps disposal where I live. I’m allowed to use a plastic container, tightly closed with duct tape, with “SHARPS” written on the container & put it in the trash. But, I bring mine to my vet & she disposes of it with their medical waste.

Yeah, my Endo told to use a detergent bottle and duck tape it and throw it in the trash with sharps written on it.

Costco carries the BD sharps containers too for under 3 bucks. I have been just using a milk jug and writing bio hazard/ sharps on the jug and pitch it in recycling. But as Marcia said would be a good idea to talk to ones trash hauler or dr’s office.

I use the big empty plastic coffee container. Duct tape and write “used syringes” and throw in the trash. I will also use any big used plastic container…milk, clorox, laundry soap, juice…ummmmm the list goes on and on.