Short pen lengh vs original pen length - or both?

Call it what it is, my muffin top is bigger than it should be (on my list of goals). Pinch more than an couple of inches.

Anyway my doctor gave me the BD short pen needles - certainly sounded better. These work great on my legs, I do not have extra fat there.

Been reading the THINK LIKE A PANCREAS and on page 57 it says. If you are very lean, choose a short pen needle (5-8mm). If you have adequate body fat, choose a longer needle (10-12mm). … If you are overweight, “short” (5-8mm) needles may not inject the insulin deep enough to achieve proper absorption.

I just purchased an extra box of needle tips - original 12.7mm for use with my abdomen. Luckly the cap tape is hot pink. While the others are blue so I can differentiate between the 2.

Have you tried this - does it work?


I’m not greatly over weight and never noticed a lack of absorption, but I only use the long needle with my Lantus because they don’t hurt as much as the short.

I always thought the short needles sounded better too, but now I prefer the slightly longer (8mm) ones. I actually am trying to gain weight (6’6" 175) that I lost after a surgery over the summer, but still, I find a little extra needle length just seems to work better.

HI Sprites mom my daughter is 15 has type 1 diabetes for 5 yrs. she really likes usining the new nana needles. She was using the mini but they were hurting her she used to bunch her skin before the shots that hurt her also using the nano needles you can use anywhere with out having to pich skin any where ever since she hasbeen using them her blood sugars are doing a lot better. Tammie

I found on the Mayo clinic website an article: Insulin injections: Does needle size matter?

It states the short needle is generally not suitable for people who are overweight because a too-shallow needle may result in insulin backtracking from the injection site, causing an inaccurate insulin dose. They recommend the long/standard length to overweight patients if they are using the short needle., they often see improvement in BG results. As diabetic educators, we don’t have scientific evidence to support this claim, but personal observation generally validates our recommendations.

I am over weight and have been using the short/mini needles and dont think there are any issues…I am currenly 17 weeks pregnant and my sugars are usually within range

That is great about your pregnancy.

When I was diagnosed in 1980 the physicians did not recommend me to have any pregnancies. They even showed me a large book filled with all types of birth defects to discourage me. It did. I have always been careful not to get pregnant since then. (my sugars were also not in control-probably mostly the reason for the discouragement).

I am psyched that you are able to have a pregnancy and that your sugars are so great! That is really AWSOME! I wish you health and happiness for you and your family. It is great that diabetic technology and learning has come so far in all these years…

God Bless.

As the ladies so fondly say ‘Bigger is better’.

For me, I switched to the 12mm needle. I don’t get the dribble like I did with the short needles.

But I can use either. Short for arms and low fat areas, long ones for the abdomen.

Disclaimer: bigger house, bigger bank account, bigger credit limit. Whatever WERE you thinking? LOL