Should Celebrities Share Their Health Diagnoses?

Interesting answer to the Paula Dean debacle...

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by Charles Mattocks

The day before I was diagnosed with diabetes I had a pretty good idea of what “success” meant to me. The day after my diagnosis my definition of success was somewhat different.

Instead of measuring success in dollars, cents and achievements, I realized true success was measured in time. Time to spend with loved ones. Time to make a difference. Time to touch lives.

While I had no idea where this turn in the road would take me, one thing was clear – I had millions of fellow travelers and I had to speak out for myself and for them. In the past few months, many people have asked if a celebrity has the responsibility to share a diagnosis, such as diabetes, with the world. Those of us in the public eye are quick to promote a film, a cook book, a new line of products. Sales of these things are indications of success. But as my diagnosis taught me, true success is not found in storing up treasures, it is found in treasuring what is truly important.

So, again the question: “Does a celebrity have the responsibility to share a diagnosis of diabetes?” I can answer only for myself. To keep such a diagnosis secret is to miss the opportunity to impact the world more than a film or book or other project could. I did not think twice about immediately coming forth as a diabetic. It was not a matter of “Should I do this?” It was always “How could I possibly do anything else?


My opinion (and it's only mine) is YES they should. They can take their diagnoses and show that their doing well and that will help to inspire other ppl who are just diagnosed. As far as I'm conserned I have diabetes diabetes dosen't have me!

My opinion--I would hope they would. That being said, being diganosed with Diabetes can be traumatic,and even celebs can be negatively affected by trauma.

So, the more that share the better off we all are, but I can understand and empathize with those who cannot, celeb or not.

Should they disclose, Well that's their choice and I feel no pressure should be exerted for them to do so. Just because your celebrity infers no additional responsibility. If they wish to do so then great I will applaud them. But I will not disparage an entertainer or athlete if choose to remain silent. They chose their profession to entertain not to save the masses. It's is no different then being a successful plumber. He owes no more to the world than to fix plumbing. A celebrity owes nothing to the world but to entertain. Now if this plumber or entertainer wishes to do more then they have my respect.

Gary S

i feel that no matter one's occupation or position, a diagnosis of diabetes is a very personal and difficult thing. and weather or not one chooses to share it with others is a very personal decision that need have nothing to do with fame or position. some choose to be very open about it in hopes of helping others going through the same thing. others choose to be more private about it and keep it to those who are close to them and who are the ones most directly helping them along in day to day life. both are ok and acceptable for anyone. to each his own diabetes...