Should I hide?

I am so tired of people looking at me when I check my blood are take a shot with my pin. I have even had someone say dont you think you need to do that some where else. Well my mom took care of that before I could say anything. LOL
Do yall move away from people ,because I am 13 & I just dont think I am going to hide from people all my life ,if they dont want to see dont look right?

Just wanted to see what others do. My mom said that I am not going to the nasty bathroom to do something that keeps me alive . I think If I was in the bathroom they would stare to . Sometimes it bothers me more than others, I just hate knowing this is going to happen forever.

I check my blood sugar in front of other people. Sometimes they give me looks, but most of them know that I have diabetes. So people who are around me a lot are used to it.

Your mom is right. You shouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. If anyone is staring at you, just turn to them and say, “I have diabetes. I have to check my blood sugar and give shots.”

Usually it actually ends up that the person who was staring gets embarrassed because they realize that yo unotice that tehy were staring!!

i will respectfully turn if i’m shooting up, but if i’m in the bathroom i don’t hide. I never hide checking my blood sugar.

Go boldly forth, Tyler, doing what you need to do to live well with diabetes! I salute you.

I say no hiding. Checks and shots/boluses are something we have to do, lots. So why should we interrupt our lives to shield others from our reality? If someone quietly and politely asked me if I could turn away (because he or she is so scared of a tiny blood drop that he or she faints) I would respectfully do so. But testing when, where, and how I need to is how I live.

I used to hide it when I was around your age, so I will take it in the car or in the restroom, and even at home, I used to take it in my room away from my brothers and sisters (Since I used to give it in the thigh). BUT afterward I said that this is unfair and I don’t care! Now I test my blood sugar every where even when play Golf or any game, I will stop playing and every one will be watching, but I don’t care! Shots no more, am on pump so it took the shot away, but I saw some people grapping their pen and giving it in the stomach in the mall in front of everyone, who cares! While you are not naked or doing something illegal! You are just trying to stay alive and keep control of your blood sugar.

Cheer up and ignore people, let them look in to the sky or the floor if they don’t like what they see!

This is my take, however I do not have Diabetes, my Daughter and Husband do. I would never have either one of them hide this. IT is NOT their fault that they have it. Why hide it. You have to take the insulin in order to live. DO NOT go to the bathroom. Not a good idea. I recently found out that my daughters teachers are asking her to go to the bathroom to check her blood and give herself insulin. I threw a fit! I emailed everyone and said that this must stop.
Look here is the thing, everyone is going to look. Mostly because they are curious about what you are doing. Not because they think you are weird, or anything else. 9 times out of 10 its out of curiosity. There are those people who are thinking something different. Just ignore it. I also think if you just do it and act like it is a normal thing (and for you it is and will defiantly become normal) then people wont react in a negative way.
Good Luck. And be proud of who you are and don’t let anyone make you feel different.

haha i have to tell you that i walked around the grocery store with my meter in my hand today pricking and trying to milk the blood out of my finger, people glanced at me but i didnt care :slight_smile: its what keeps me alive why hide it

I am glad you all feel the same way I do , I just look back at them they quit looking pretty fast . I just cant believe that some people actually say things.

I test my BG out in public all the time – on a city bus, in restaurants, on a street corner, in a dark movie theater (try that one on for size). Debb is absolutely right – if someone wants you to test in a restaurant bathroom, send them in to eat in there. Watch other people’s behaviors – see all the things that they do in public without even thinking about it, like nose picking, crotch and butt scratching and more. That is far more disgusting and/or unsettling than just about anything diabetes related that we could be doing. In fact, on the next World Diabetes Day, diabetics everywhere should make it a point to test our BG and take our shots in public, in the most obvious of places.


I just think, “If they don’t want to see it, they don’t have to. This is something that I need to do.” And if they start to say something like “Eeew, that’s gross. Get out of here. Are you on drugs?,” or something like that, then you should say back, “I’m not on drugs. I’m takiing insulin, I have diabetes.” And don’t be afraid to tell them to turn away. NO ONE has the right to tell you not to check your blood sugar or take a needle in public. I agree with Al, be assertive! You have to be assertive to get things sometimes! :slight_smile:

oh the lovely public, how i love thee
heres the thing… people stare when they see something ‘abnormal’. Piercings, weird make-up, funky hair, bad outfits… good outfits, loud noises, small noises…people just stare, that’s what we do.
You absolutely should not feel the need to go to the washroom to give yourself insulin and test your bg… plus that’s dirty lol
I used to notice when people would stare at me when I was newly diagnosed and a few years to follow, but that was only because, I myself, was not comfortable with the fact that I would do this infront of other people, knowing that they were staring.
I’ve had type one now for 9 years, and I don’t even notice when people stare anymore, only because I do what I gotta do & taking insulin and testing bg is what I do whether it be in public or not… that’s life for us.
People are going to stare, so let them.
I’ll smile when I catch people, it usually makes them feel like dicks. lol buttt it lets them know that i’ma happy camper, regardless =]

I’ve never been one to care if someone was looking at me while doing this stuff. It’s just something I HAVE to do and there’s nobody around who can change my mind. Well, maybe if I were at a formal dinner I would be more discreet. If it was in a very nice place and the restroom had a nice little anteroom where women look in the mirror and comb their hair, etc., I might just want to do it in there!

Stand up for your rights and stare right back at that. Ask them if they have a problem. They’ll usually turn tail and run.

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

I am not hiding. They don’t like it, that’s their prob. I don’t usually get looks, but if I did I probably would give them a show they needed. I am not a shoot up in the bathroom person. You know the whole needle in the public bathroom thing. I think telling someone not to take their needed medicine is like saying don’t nurse your hungry baby in my presence. To bad so sad. If I needed to nurse or shoot up it is happening. You can believe that. Which I don’t nurse, just saying.

Good for you tyler, for having the moxy to look right back at 'em. If they continue to look, lick your finger when your done and really freak 'em out! I don’t have any advice for when people say anything and like you can’t believe they feel the need comment. Don’t bother trying to educate them, their ignorance is glaring already and whatever you say will likely be ignored or misunderstood.

Don’t hide it!
People will be people…some are kind some are just idiots!
Don’t change your ways to suit the idiots. The kind people might ask out of curiosity and you can answer and be informative. The others ignore or say “If you don’t like it you are free to turn around”

A link to various reasons why it is necessary to test and manage your diabetes in public (USA)

Yeah…it’s hard not to be bothered when you have 6 pairs of eyes all focussed on you…but what you’re doing is great…you’ve taken on adult responsibilities…you’ve HAD to learn to be independant quickly, and the hard way. Something to be VERY proud of. If it bothers other, well… tough. They don’t have to look. Why should a person with diabetes, or asthma have to hide. As Jonathan points out…think of the things others do in public without the least bit of concern or shame.