Should I increase my insulin! help

my A1c has risen from 5.5 to 5.8 (highest excluding diagnosis) and i’m afraid it will keep rising if i dont do something, yet certain doctors are telling me i’m fine and not to increase, so i’m really confused. but one night i had a blood sugar of 360 after eating cous cous this has never happened before! here are is the rundown of my numbers today:

before eating: 59
insulin- 17 units lantus, 1 unit novorapid
Breakfast- whole wheat toast and organic peanut butter
2 hours after: 200 ahh!

before: 116
Insulin: half a unit of novo rapid (not much i know)
8 large multigrain crackers with Vegetable dip
2 hours after: 136

bs before supper: 115
no insulin
Vegetable soup with tofu
2 hours after: 142

excercise:30 minutes of cardio and weights

-probably not too too bad, but my food is very restrictive

Hi Jill,

I would be willing to wager on that 59 that you went low during the night and “bounced” upward higher than expected (the accursed Dawn Phenomena). Have you done any 3am tests to see if you are dropping in the middle of the night? About the 360, I’d probably just ignore it unless it becomes a trend, could be you mis-dosed and just didn’t realize (I know I’ve done that before)

When I was on Lantus, I had to take my dose in the evening because of the extreme lows I would experience in the middle of the night, it could just be a timing of dosage if you are dropping low in the night while you are asleep. I moved my dose because I was awake instead of being asleep for those lows (they got moved by 12 hours). I still had low sugars on occasion in the night but nothing like I had before.

While Lantus doesn’t have a “peak” per se, you can simulate one by not eating for a while, it keeps working at the same level while your carb intake drops. Those intake drops occur for me when I’m sleeping and the 6 hour gap between lunch and dinner.

Good luck!

Jill you might need a different carbohydrate ratio for the morning meal. In the morning my ratio is 1:4 (1 unit fast acting for every 4 grams of carbs) and at night it’s 1:12. … it’s a 300% difference.

In the morning, most people are less sensitive to insulin. It’s not hard to check/adjust ratios and may help you out a little.


Your numbers really don’t look bad at all… count your blessings. I would be more concerned about being low in the morning. The 200 spike is a little high… but not that big of a deal.
A normal AIC for someone without diabetes is less than 6.0. I would not be concerned with an AIC of 5.8 Some variability is evident… It’s just part of having this disease.
I wouldn’t rush to make any changes.


Hi Jill!

I think that you should not be too alarmed about these numbers, but I would keep a good log of what you eat and your readings. That will help your doctors detemine whether or not to change your insulin dose. How do you decide how much Novorapid to take?

hi krisitin, my novorapid varies, i am very sensitive to it, if i take to much i drop and have bad hypos so it depends on what my blood sugars are before meals