Should I remove my pump for Zumba Dance?

hi everyone - Im a Zumba dance addict and had no trouble at all adjusting for this on MDI - however I havent been to Zumba for 2 weeks now and want to go back.

Any suggestions if I should remove my pump as it is so energetic ?
anyone have any idea what to reduce my basal by whilst doing class and after?

experiences with this would be welcome xx thank you x

It is a total experiment for each and every person - what works for me, is not necessarily going to work for you. YDMV. But this is what I do - If it is planned activity, I do it after a meal and leave about 15 carbs uncoveered. I turn down the basal and do a temp basal of about 25% for about the half hour before, during, and for about 1-2 hours after the exercise. Again, YDMV. It is still trial and error for me. I think you need to experiment about removing your pump - especially if for any length of time over 30-45 minutes - because you still need some insulin infusing in order to prevent going into DKA.

Your treatment may be different than mine, but I’ve been doing Zumba for months now and I have learned that stopping my basal or disconnecting causes problems for me later, but that if I turn it down to 70% 30 minutes before the class, I stay within range the whole time. I wouldn’t disconnect, but play around with much lower basals.

When I do sports or any other activity, if possible, I leave my pump on. I programe it to 60% or less and it works best. After a hour or so, I start getting ketones, so, I usually never disconnect it for too long.

thank you for your replies ladies - I do generally have a rise in BG very quickly (eg if set not working properly) so I would feel better keeping it on I think, but reduce the basal…how do you keep your pump really secure during the class?
Thank you x

I bought some “spi belts” for my son to use during activities while wearing his pump. He does not like to wear his pump anymore during games - although he should. I actually began wearing one when I run outside and place my phone in it. I wear a tighter shirt over it and it really stays where I put it. If I run in a 5 K, I put my keys and phone in there and it does not budge. You can find them online.

thanks for this Nancy :slight_smile:
I really like the children’s designs most lol - i may have to lose an inch or 2 first tho to get one of those ones lol
but …I am going to place an order now as I want to make sure my pump is safe! I head back to Zumba on Friday (ive missed 5 classes in total since my pump start) so don’t feel my basals wiill be quite right until I get back to normal :slight_smile:
thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile: xx