Should we be buying Energizer stock?


I’m on an Animas ping pump and the battery only lasts about 2 weeks. My last Animas pump lasted longer- I could get at least a month out of it. Has anyone out there discovered which battery works best and how to get more life out of it? I typically use whichever lithium is on sale at cvs.

I have also contacted Animas about the issue- they say 2 weeks is about right. Seriously?! Is the new function of “ping” wasting battery life? Does disabling this function add to battery life?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Energizer stock might be a good idea. My Minimed pump recommends the Energizer brand as the best. I don't know about the Animas Ping but Medtronics recommends that Lithium batteries not be used. I understand that when they die they die quickly.

Wow thank-you! I thought Animas only recommended lithium- good to know.

I have an Animas Ping and the Energizer Lithium batteries last about three weeks to a month. I usually date the battery when I put it in so that I can keep track of usage.

Please be sure that your pump settings are correct. You may be getting a false reading if your pump is set for alkaline battery. You can use an alkaline battery in your pump, but the setting must be set to alkaline. I doubt that the battery would last all that long. to check, remove your battery and replace it. There will be a screen that will come up and the curser will highlight either alkaline or lithium. Be sure to click OK on whatever battery you are using.

Other possible battery drains are excessive alarms and warnings.

I replace my battery when I see the battery indicator move off of full charge.

Good luck, and don't be afraid to call Animas customer service to discuss this problem. Keep them informed, and they will work with you.

Brian Wittman

We had a similar issue once with the Minimed pump and I think ours had to do with a problem with the battery cap. Medtronic sent a new one and the problem was corrected. Medtronic suggests Energizer for the Minimed pump. Our insurance company pays for the batteries. The medical supply company that sends our supplies to us also send batteries every 3 months. Not sure if that is an option for you but maybe you can call the insurance company and ask. In order to get our supplies from the medical supply company vs. Medtronic we had to sign up for a Diabetes Management program that our insurance company offers.

From the Animas site:
Q: How often should I change my Battery Cap?
A: Your battery cap should be changed every six months. If you are a frequent swimmer or work in a dusty environment it is recommended to change your cap every three months.

Q: What is the warranty of a battery cap?
A: Your Animas® insulin pump maintenance part (battery cap, cartridge cap) is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of six (6) months from the date of original retail purchase.

Q : What type of battery can my pump use (OneTouch® Ping® Animas®2020, Animas®1250 and Animas® 1200 insulin pumps, )?
A: Your pump is designed to achieve optimum performance and battery longevity with an Energizer Lithium L91 AA battery (1.5v)

Q: Can I use an Alkaline AA battery in my pump?
A: Yes, it is possible to safely power your pump with a conventional alkaline battery 1.5V, but the battery life is significantly reduced. Be sure you select the correct Battery Type on the VERIFY screen when you change the battery to ensure accuracy of battery life indicator