Sick more since DX?

Phillip was hardly ever sick before he was diagnosed with type 1. He was 4 1/2 years old when dx. on 3/8/2010. At that point I could count the number of time he had experienced an episode of vomiting (twice), he had never had antibiotics, never had an ear infection and only had a few colds. In fact when he was diagnosed was the first time I had to take him to the Dr for an illness. That was all very different from his older brother who caught every germ that came along, had tubes in his ears (twice!) etc.

Since then it has all fallen apart and it seems like he has illness after illness. Is this normal? No one else in the family has been sick (older brother or younger brother) and we homeschool. THe only thing that is different now is that he has diabetes. sigh

And whenever he gets sick he gets very low, so it really sets me on edge. It seems to make a disease that does not always play by the rules even harder to figure out.

Sorry for the rant, I am just so frustrated.


I don’t have an answer for you. My son got the flu back a month or so ago and we were able to keep his numbers at the right level by him sipping on regular soda throughout the day. That and frequent finger pokes. He couldnt eat because every time he tried he would throw up. So it was a day without any insulin.

How are his numbers when he isnt sick?

Actually for my son, other then the flu, because his diet has stepped on on the healthy side, I see him feeling better then before being diagnosed. He was never an unhealthy eater, but now because we account for everything, we are more conscious of what he/we are eating. He was always active, but now we make sure he is getting exercise daily.

What has your sons endo said regarding his being sick so often?

Hello Carol

My name is Jennifer and I have had t1 for 34 yrs now and both my kids have t1 too. I am glad you are ranting cause it feels good and believe you me you are not alone. i often get really angry when dealing with a disease that hs a mind of its own! All 3 of us seem to catch everything too. My daughter says ever since the doctor changed her insulin she always feels sick now!" GREAT " . There are lots of things if you research to take to help build his immune system and try to make it fun for him when he is sick, if you already know he goes low tell him lucky you now you can have a popsicle or juice, jello etc believe you me I now its hard. My son often vomits all day wit a headache usually by supper he feels a little better.Before I use to be a nervous wreck and now learning from my kids that diabetes should not be our only daily goal in life . It has taken me many years to stop thinking about it all the time just to deal with it whenevr something happens. Diabetes sure is a life long long learning experience. It has many trial and errors also one minute we are fine and the next we are not.My son has been sick for the past 3 months his A1C is 14 and it should be 7 so now to help him I told him if he does do his testing 4 times a day like the doc says, and aim for a better A1C then i will get him and his sister hockey tickets to help them deal with this disease, cause its overwhelming for kids to deal with it, just as it is for us mothers. I hope you have a good doctor who lisens to you and helps too! Well please keep your chin up as I am :))) Also talk to your dietian and his nurse about his lows when he is sick.
:0) Jennifer

Carol your sons AIC is really good so while you have frustrations with him being sick more often, it definately shows that you are managing his diabetes well!!! Great job!

I have been told that just when you think you have things figured out, a loop will be thrown in. So far we are to new into this to have that loop thrown in, but I expect eventually we will be crazed as well.

I was told that just like bacteria can live in the air when the humidity is very high, germs tend to propagate more readily in a body that is high in sugar.

Payton was sick all of the time until we moved to the pump. He used to get croup for 2 weeks in a row at least once a month or once every two months. Now he hasn’t been sick since OCT15. We were still calibrating the pump and had a lot of higher numbers. For him to go 2-3 months without being sick is amazing to me.

To be honest, our son was sick more often (colds mostly) before dx than after. Additionally, as with our non-D daughter, he was more sick in his pre-school days than later. I have always seen it as their time to build up immunities.

The one thing I want to throw in here is something I am trying hard to learn from a parent on another T1D group I am a part of… While it seems to make sense that we ‘blame’ T1D first for many things that happen to our children’s bodies, we need to keep in mind that some things would be there without T1D too. Not sure if this is your case or not, just wanted to share a tenant I try to remind myself of frequently.

The hard thing is that in many cases we will never know if T1D was a contributor or not.

My 17 year old was diagnosed last fall and the same thing happened to him. He was only back at school for 2 days after diagnosis before he caught the swine flu. He was always tired and kept asking if it would ever get better. He caught everything that was going around at school despite all the extra hand washing and taking his own water bottle to hockey and asking everyone in class and on his teams to please stay away from him if they were even slightly sick. He missed 22 days of school, between illness, endo appts, other dr. appts and the clinical trial.

But he seems to have worked his way out of it and is feeling much better now that he is over a year diagnosed. I am not really sure what has changed - maybe the antibodies have stopped attacking his body, maybe his liver function is back to normal after the trial drug, maybe his iron reserves (which were low) have been restored, maybe he is not so dehydrated or maybe the Apidra in the pump agrees with him more. It is certainly not his A1C which has gone up from 7.4 to 8.8 to the latest 8.2 as we try to let him have more control over his care in preparation for colege decisions by the end of the summer.

He was only sick one day this semester. He came home from practice at night with a fever and I braced myself for several days of craziness but one dose of motrin brought his fever down and after a fever/ BG check at four hours in the middle of the night, both were only slightly elevated. We kept him home from school and checked him often the next day but he was able to fight it off.

Hopefully, Phillip will get stronger soon. T1 is certainly a brutal attack on the body which we sometimes forget is not instant - the fight for those islet cells goes on for many months - leaving not much immune system left to fight off everything else.